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Yikang Furniture: Compa mattresses advocate quality sleep

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-03-15
Compa Palm Mattress is the pioneer and leader of the plant fiber mattress industry, and an active pursuer and advocate of the plant sleep concept of 'natural, healthy, safe and environmentally friendly'.  Kampa mattress has been selling well for more than 25 years since its establishment in the late 1980s, providing the best sleep solution for more than tens of millions of consumers who are pursuing sleep quality. Relying on the strong strength of China South Locomotive, it has established the country's first plant sleep material professional research institute and provincial enterprise technology center, and has obtained more than 150 national authorized patents; it also led the drafting of the first national standard for the mattress industry in China-' Upholstered furniture brown fiber elastic mattress 'national standard, has a pivotal position in the industry.   The two major raw materials of Compa mattress, natural brown silk and natural latex, are directly derived from plants, completely abandoning the traditional way of using synthetic sponges and chemical synthetic rubber to make mattresses. No metal coil, no electromagnetic radiation, no need to worry about 'left side phenomenon'. The entire mattress can be completely degraded after use. In addition, the brown silk and latex are harvested circularly, without cutting trees, and without any damage to the environment. It is truly natural, healthy, safe, environmentally friendly, and low-carbon! For more than ten years, conquer Countless users who are critical of sleep quality.  Kangpa Mattress specializes in the production of spring soft mattresses, natural coconut palm mattresses, and health-care magnet mattresses. For details, please visit http://www.kangpa.net/
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