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Why choose a customized mattress? How to calculate the price of customized mattress?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-08-09
Mattresses are not high-end items, so when you choose, you can add more money to make a little better furniture. The price of custom-made mattresses for some different environments is not the same. The editor below will do it for you. Introduce some knowledge about how to calculate the price of different customized mattresses. Custom-made mattress price calculation method A tailor-made mattress can be more comfortable and fit your spine better, and you can rest more fully. The mattress is a very fixed household item, and the contact with yourself is frequent and intimate, if there is Opportunity, it is better to make a customized mattress, with reasonable design, reasonable price, high level, ideal, beautiful appearance, good condition, and high reputation. Advantages and benefits of custom-made mattresses    Custom-made mattresses have different prices, divided into mid-range, low-end, and high-end.   mid-range is the first choice of the public, and the general price is 750 yuan.   The low-end price is relatively cheap 350 yuan.   High-end ones are different, a customized one is 15,000 yuan. The price of different grades of mattresses  The above is the editor's introduction to you how to calculate the price of different custom-made mattresses. The most relevant to the price of the mattress is the material of the mattress and the brand of the mattress.
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