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Why are the prices of latex mattresses so different?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-05-17

   The price gap of latex mattresses is very large, ranging from hundreds of mattresses to tens of thousands of mattresses, ranging from affordable to luxurious, with all kinds of price and quality. Depending on the size, thickness, density and quality you buy, the price gap is also very large. Latex mattresses are 3cm thin, 5cm thick, and 15cm thick, 20cm thick. The thin ones are definitely several times cheaper than the thick ones. The above information is what everyone already knows.

   I figured out how latex is transformed from a raw material into a finished mattress, and through which steps, I know why and where the price of latex mattress is expensive. Its general link can be divided into raw material-process-OEM-listing. The price of natural latex raw materials is about one ton more than 1w, and a pure latex mattress with a thickness of 1.8×2m and a thickness of 20cm weighs about 50kg. You can see the raw materials Price does not account for a high proportion of the price of latex mattresses. Regarding the process, everyone is familiar with Dunlop and Trera, and the Trera process. Due to the high cost of production line equipment, it will eventually be passed on to the ex-factory price of the product. The ex-factory price of Trera's products is indeed higher than that of Dunlop. But it will not double. Related reading: Which brand of latex mattress is good?

   In the current domestic market, pure latex mattresses have not been widely popularized. It is in a transitional stage. The combination of spring + latex is because Everyone has seen that latex is more comfortable, but traditional spring mattress brands are unwilling to give up their positions of operating for many years. Therefore, many brands do not have their own latex processing plants, and generally choose OEM pure latex mattresses. The same product, with different trademarks affixed to it, will have different prices. After the product is on the market, there are still gaps in different stores, rents and other aspects, which will eventually be reflected in the product sales price.

Although the price of    latex mattress is expensive, it has two major advantages compared with other types. It is formaldehyde-free and supportive. Latex itself does not contain any infectious substances. Latex is mild and skin-friendly. The light fragrance can more catalyze human sleep factors and is currently the most natural sleep material. Latex has a special molecular structure, good comfort and air permeability. The area of u200bu200blatex mattress contacting the human body is 5-6 times higher than the area of u200bu200bordinary mattress contacting the human body. It can evenly disperse the important bearing capacity of the human body, automatically adjust the bad sleeping posture, and has the orthopedic function. In addition, latex mattresses can absorb the noise and vibration caused by sleep turning, so that they will not be disturbed during sleep, will not affect sleeping partners, and effectively reduce the frequency of turning over, allowing you to sleep more peacefully and sweetly. So many advantages This is also the reason why latex mattresses are expensive.

The price of    latex mattresses is not unique, there are thousands to tens of thousands. The price standard of latex mattress is mainly determined by the thickness, content, brand, and workmanship of latex, and it has a lot of relationship with whether natural latex is or not. Generally speaking, the price of natural latex is more expensive. The pad should be chosen carefully.

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