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Why are latex mattresses moldy? How to solve this situation?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-11-07
Latex itself is not prone to Aspergillus flavus. First, the palm protein in latex mattresses can reasonably inhibit pathogenic bacteria, and secondly, latex mattresses have countless porous structures to discharge pores, which can reasonably clean up the heat emitted by the body, so latex will not mold under all normal conditions. , The key is that the cushion cover is moldy. Why are latex mattresses moldy? After understanding and inspection, it is reflected that the mold of latex mattress is mainly caused by the fact that the bed board in the home is made of solid wood. The key reason is due to the airtightness of solid wood panels. Some people who lift the bar will talk about it, do you think the solid wood board is not breathable? Why is natural stone not breathable? Um! Have you ever seen water seeping from a plastic bucket? Because the bed board of some solid wood beds is a single piece of solid wood board, it is not ventilated, which results in the excellent air permeability of the latex mattress, which allows the heat to flow to the bed board, and the bed board cannot immediately dissipate the moisture in the body, which causes all the bed boards. The hand wash on the top can't disappear. If things go on like this, it will cause the latex mattress cover to mold. How to prevent mildew on latex mattresses? If the building in the home is low, and the natural environment in southern China is cold and humid, it is necessary to prevent the use of solid wood bed boards. If you should choose, you must choose the more air-permeable type. There are also a certain spacing of the bed boards in the middle, which has a certain degree of air permeability. The indoor space can dissipate the heat flow and prevent water droplets from being cold and causing mold. The other is to dry the latex mattress on time. After a period of time, the latex mattress should be erected so that the bed board can touch the air moderately to dissipate the moisture stored on the bed board. In addition, the latex mattress cover can be dried to prevent long-term nesting. Causes mildew underneath. How to deal with the mold cover? The latex cushion cover can be removed for cleaning. You can wash it twice with a soft brush dipped in some soap solution; then wash it with cold water, the mildew can be removed. For the mildew on the light-colored clothes, it can be soaked overnight with rice washing water, and then follow the normal washing process. Naturally, the more important thing is to dry on time.
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