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Why are eco-friendly palm cotton mattresses so popular? Features of eco-friendly palm cotton mattresses

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-08-10
The substitute palm cotton mattress has been processed with environmentally-friendly fibers by introducing advanced international production technology and has antibacterial properties and good air permeability. It is widely used in high-end mattresses, medical mattresses, and substitutes for traditional coconut palm. Compared with coconut palm, palm cotton products are more environmentally friendly and not easy to break. Therefore, it is deeply favored by consumers. The following editor will introduce to you what are the characteristics of environmentally friendly palm cotton mattresses, which will make your sleep more comfortable. Introduction of knowledge about the characteristics of environmentally friendly brown cotton mattresses. Unique three-dimensional spatial mesh display structure, 72,000 ventilation holes, allowing heat and moisture to come and go freely, comfortable and breathable, inhibiting the growth of bacteria, and can effectively prevent Respiratory tract and various rheumatism and other diseases. Anti-insect and anti-bacterial function; the mattress is made of natural organisms and plant fibers itself, through high-tech ultrasonic hot-melt method, achieves insecticidal and sterilization effects, and avoids skin allergies and other symptoms. Moderate soft and hard. The function introduction of environmental protection brown cotton    generation brown cotton: It is made of high-quality chemical fiber, has sufficient air permeability, good resilience, great tensile force, does not age, is washable, and is harmless to the human body. It can be sewn into a variety of curved shapes and will not deform for a long time. It is the best environmentally friendly product and auxiliary material for high-end mattresses, sofa cushions, travel cushions, and car cushions. It is a new alternative product fully affirmed and strongly advocated by the national quality inspection agency. It is gradually replacing foam sponge and coconut palm to make mattresses, sofa cushions, chairs, beach chairs, medical mattresses, and health care equipment. The best mattress hardness index of the international ergonomics study of the environmentally friendly palm cotton recyclable mattress is 60±5, and the hardness index of the mattress is 58.8, which is in line with the best bed certified by the international ergonomics research. Pad hard and soft index. 100% no glue, no methanol. Generally, mattresses are bonded by chemical glue and various glues, especially coconut palm mattresses. The chemical glue contains a large amount of chemical substance methanol, and the amount of methanol released exceeds the standard, which is very harmful to the human body and may cause cancer in serious cases. The hard cotton of the mattress is made of natural materials, bonded by hot air penetration technology, without any glue, 100% methanol-free, healthy and environmentally friendly. Introduction to the characteristics of environmental protection palm cotton and environmental protection palm cotton    The above is the knowledge of the characteristics of environmental protection palm cotton mattresses introduced by the editor. I hope you can refer to the above knowledge when choosing and choose a mattress that is more suitable for your sleep.
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