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Which mattress of hardness and softness would you choose

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-08-26
It is hard to feel comfortable when sleeping on a mattress. People who have been to overseas know that the beds in foreign hotels are all soft, especially in European countries. It is very likely that the back will 'collapse' after sleeping. For people with a poor waist, a soft bed will cause abnormal bending or deformation of the spine, which will exacerbate uncomfortable feelings. In China, Chinese people really prefer slightly harder mattresses. When placed at a hard or soft level, it must be in line with reality and meet the needs of human back and foot ergonomic curves. Some mattresses can be used on both sides, with one side being hard and the other being too soft, which is suitable for different people and different times. Most elderly people like to sleep on harder mattresses, which can support every position of their bodies and bring them good sleep quality. Regarding the soft strength of the mattress, most people's comprehensive selection will be more focused on the harder one. But if you choose a mattress by yourself, you have to experience the softness and hardness firsthand. Before purchasing, master the professional knowledge of sleep quality bedding, and try it out during the purchase, so that you can choose your own Mattress.
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