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Which is better, sponge or non-glue cotton for mattress

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-11-18
Sponge and non-glue cotton are all filling materials for mattresses. With the development trend of modernization, the development trend of mattress materials is diverse. Mattresses made of different materials can give people different sleep quality. Effect. Below, I want to talk to you about which one is better for mattress materials: sponge or non-glue cotton. Sponge is a material often used in traditional mattresses. Although it is of high quality and low price, it cannot guarantee a multi-directional support point for the figure curve, that is, it has poor contrast and it is very easy to collapse in the area where the body falls asleep. , It is one of the disadvantages. The second shortcoming is that the air permeability of the sponge is not good, and the waste and water vapor caused by the basic metabolism in the sleep quality will continue to be discharged according to the skin. The mattress has poor ventilation effect. This kind of waste cannot be released immediately, which is not good for health, so it is gradually replaced by new materials, and the demand in the mattress sales market is slowly decreasing. Glue-free cotton is an advanced material for padding, cold and warm insulation, sound insulation, and filter materials. It has good air permeability, good air permeability, light weight, strong resilience, washing resistance, and no mold. It is a new type of mattress material commonly used in international China at this stage, and it is also an upgraded product of spray-coated cotton and sponge. It is characterized by a continuous porous structure, has obvious characteristics such as strong air permeability, and gets rid of the shortcomings of sponge mattresses. Therefore, for the mattress material, sponge and non-coated cotton, non-coated cotton is better. Glue-free cotton can also be used for mattresses, cushions, tatami mats, sofa cushions, quilted quilts, outdoor sleeping bags, bed covers, rubber gloves, shoes, software sound insulation materials, air purification materials, roof insulation, walls Sound insulation, car canopy, rechargeable battery baffle, etc.
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