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Which is better, sponge mattress or latex mattress?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-05-29

   With the changes of the times, mattresses are also undergoing innovation. The sponge mattresses that everyone used before have now been greatly improved. In recent years, the popular latex mattresses have also become the mattresses recommended by many people. , So which one is better, sponge mattress or latex mattress? What are their advantages and disadvantages? Let us take a look today!

   want to compare sponge mattresses Which is better than latex mattress, we need to partition the characteristics of the two separately. The most essential difference between foam mattress and latex mattress is that the raw materials are different. The sponge is made of polyol or polyether TDI, toluene diisocyanate, acid ester foaming agent, and a variety of chemical additives. Latex is a natural material, it is the sap from the rubber tree, because each rubber tree can only produce about 300ml of natural latex juice every day, so in terms of raw materials, latex materials are much more natural and expensive than sponge materials. A lot of.

   We can't just compare the foam mattress and latex mattress based on the raw materials, but also look at the difference in craftsmanship and characteristics between the two. If you compare the old-fashioned foam mattresses, latex mattresses must be better, but most of the current foam mattresses are improved slow rebound foam or memory foam instead of traditional foam. This improved foam mattress has good resilience characteristics, which greatly reduces the necessity of turning over on the bed, and the foam mattress can fit people’s weight and shape, is soft, comfortable and quiet, and is not easily disturbed by turning over. People who go to the side significantly improve people's sleep quality.

   Which is better, sponge mattress or latex mattress? Let's look at latex mattress next. The characteristic of latex mattress is that it has natural high elasticity. The film of natural latex is very flexible and has excellent shock resistance, and the latex fragrance emitted by natural latex itself has the effect of repelling mosquitoes and sterilization. You know, a good mattress must have good support and air permeability. A mattress with poor air permeability is easy to breed mites and cause skin diseases. Latex mattresses have excellent air permeability. Natural latex has a lot of mesh structure. The exhaust holes can effectively exhaust the residual heat and moisture in the sleeper's body, and the ventilation performance of the mattress is better. Many bedding brands love latex products. For example, mousse bedding from domestic brands has a very good reputation. Now the main product is also natural latex mattresses. They have also made more improvements to latex mattresses to allow different ages. People of different body types have a super high sleep experience. Related recommendation: Which one is better latex mattress or spring mattress?

   In summary, the question of which one is better, foam mattress or latex mattress, I personally think that latex mattresses are more natural in this regard Advantages, but the best way to choose a mattress is to lie down and experience it yourself. Mousse Bedding has many experience stores across the country. If you want to experience the difference between different mattresses, you can choose your favorite mattress. Think of the experience store to try before deciding.

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