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Which Foshan mattress is good and how to choose an environmentally friendly mattress

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-12-15
Some of all decoration materials are environmentally friendly materials, so the mattresses we use for sleep are also divided into environmentally friendly mattresses and non-environmentally friendly materials. So what is the difference between environmentally friendly mattresses and ordinary mattresses? What are the brands of environmentally friendly mattresses? How do you judge the quality of the mattresses when you buy them? Today, our Hangzhou Co., Ltd. will take you to find out. I hope that friends can use them as a reference when buying mattresses. Which Foshan mattress is better? How to distinguish the quality of a mattress? 1. Product identification Any mattress, including palm mattress, spring cushion, or cotton pad, has a registered trademark, product name, manufacturer name or manufacturing company, factory address, and contact information on the product identification. Or fax, and some also have a credit card and a certificate of conformity. The vast majority of Sanwu mattresses sold on the market are fake and inferior products. 2. Fabrics and workmanship In addition to cotton pads, spring mattresses and palm mattresses are mostly beautiful mattress fabrics. High-quality fabrics are quilted tightly and tightly, no obvious wrinkles, no floating lines and jumpers, four corners are rounded, the seams are well-proportioned, no burrs are exposed, and the dental floss is very straight. When consumers press the mattress with their hands, there is no noise inside, and the hand feels comfortable and crisp. Inferior mattress fabrics are the opposite. 3. The internal fillings are well known that the mountain palm mattress does not absorb water, has strong water resistance, strong corrosion resistance and good elasticity and toughness. It is dry and breathable, warm in winter and cool in summer, which can effectively prevent the human body from generating static electricity. Generally, natural mountain palm mattresses The price is 1500-1800 yuan. Coir mattresses are slightly inferior to mountain palm in elasticity, toughness and air permeability, and the price is generally 500-1000 yuan; hemp palm mattresses are poor in elasticity, toughness and air permeability, and are susceptible to dampness, and are susceptible to insects and deformation after long-term use. , The price is generally around 300 yuan. Friends are familiar with the characteristics of these materials, and criminals will naturally not be able to deceive you. 4. The internal materials of the spring soft bed The spring mattress can be seen from the internal material of the mattress to see whether the spring has been treated with rust prevention, whether it is used is a flocculent fiber liner made of worn-out sack or moldy textile mill scraps. Material, whether it is a plastic rope positioning padding material. If it is found that the spring is rusty and the inner liner is worn out, the spring soft mattress must be of inferior quality. 5. 'Black Heart Cotton' should be noted that 'Black Heart Cotton' is the abbreviation of all inferior cotton wool. The 'black heart cotton' mattress is made of fibrous industrial waste, medical fibrous waste, and regenerated fibrous materials as raw materials. Mattress fillers are 'black-hearted cotton' as long as they have one of the following characteristics: impurities or short fibers below 16 mm exceed the standard; contain unwashed animal hair or velvet; contain bleached fibers or other substances; do not meet relevant standards Relevant hygiene requirements; contaminated by toxic and harmful substances or moldy and deteriorated. 6. How to choose an environmentally-friendly mattress? When purchasing an environmentally-friendly mattress, you should pay attention to the relevant items. Consumers can refer to: (1) Most environmentally-friendly mattresses have grade certificates. Consumers must pay attention to whether they have a certificate of conformity when purchasing, so as to ensure whether the mattress is an environmentally friendly mattress. (2) Environmental protection mattresses not only have environmental protection properties, but also meticulous workmanship is also essential. Consumers should carefully observe all corners of the environmental protection mattresses to prevent defective products. (3) The hand feeling of environmental protection mattresses is generally softer, giving people a smooth feeling. (4) Environmentally friendly mattresses have no peculiar smell. If they have a pungent smell, they are generally not environmentally friendly mattresses. 7. What material is the environmental protection mattress made of? The following will introduce the raw materials commonly used in environmental protection mattresses for consumers' reference: (1) Organic cotton. (2) Organic wool. (3) Natural latex.
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