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Which brand of mattress is good? Is there any recommended mattress?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-05-31

   Nowadays, people’s lives are fast-paced and under great pressure. A good night’s sleep is very important for modern busy urbanites. So more and more people are starting to pay attention to the question of which brand of mattress is good, because there is a A good mattress is the basis for creating a comfortable sleeping environment. Is there anything we should pay attention to when buying a mattress? Let’s take a look with the editor today!

   There are many types of mattresses on the market. There are also many brands, how should we judge which brand of mattress is good? We can choose according to the following points as a reference basis. First of all, the most important thing we need to pay attention to is the safety of the mattress. Some people might think that with the current technology, it is impossible for a mattress to explode when falling asleep! In fact, the safety here refers to the safety of the mattress material. Some inferior mattresses contain toxic and harmful substances and extremely high formaldehyde content, which are harmful to our human health. Therefore, whether the material of the mattress is environmentally friendly and harmless, we measure which brand of the mattress One of the important basis for good. So how can we tell whether the mattress material is safe? The first step is to ask about the smell. If the mattress has a very obvious odor, or even some pungent, then it can be ignored. If there is no problem with the smell, we will continue to look at the mattress inspection certificate. Every qualified mattress will have a certificate to prove itself. The certificate will indicate the product inspection standard, formaldehyde test standard, etc. If there is no test certificate, then it can be excluded. For more detailed inspections, we can also check the QR code on the product manual, quality assurance card and inspection certificate to ensure product safety under multiple verifications.

  How to judge which brand of mattress is good? Second, test the hardness of the mattress. We all know that the hardness of mattresses can be soft or hard. For the most popular mattresses, palm mattresses are harder, and latex mattresses are softer. Everyone is concerned about the softness of the mattress. Hard requirements are different. Some people like soft beds, while others feel that hard beds are more comfortable to sleep on. These vary from person to person. You can choose the material according to your needs, but you must Don't choose a particularly hard or soft bed, it will be too late. A too soft mattress will reduce the support of the spine, and a too hard mattress will have poor comfort and will affect sleep.

  How to judge which brand of mattress is good? The third point is to look at the feeling of sleep. We always say that the best way to choose a mattress is to go to a physical store for a trial sleep. During the trial sleep, we can not only feel the comfort of the mattress fabric, but also directly experience how the mattress supports the human body. How should I sleep for a trial sleep? The specific method is to lie down on your side and try to keep your head, neck and torso in a straight line. Sleep for about 10 to 15 minutes, and feel the contact between your body and the mattress. The real feelings conveyed. If you feel pressure on your shoulders and hips and you are eager to turn over, it means that the mattress is too hard; if the whole body is easy to sink, the mattress is too soft; only when you lie down on your side At this time, the overall weight bearing is very balanced, and when the body fits the mattress just right, it proves that the mattress is moderately soft and hard.

   These are the points that we need to pay attention to when judging which brand of mattress is good. The editor here recommends a brand that is particularly easy to sleep, mousse mattress, mousse mattress is safe, The performance of breathability and comfort is very good. You can go to Mousse's offline store to experience it for yourself. I believe you will be able to choose your favorite mattress. Related recommendation: Top mattress brands, which brand is worth buying?

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