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Which brand of mattress is better? How much is the price of a latex mattress?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-05-14

  The concentration of foreign mattress brands is very high. Due to market reasons, domestic mattress brands are not concentrated, and there are more unknown mattress brands. So what brand of latex mattress is good?

   Latex mattresses can be divided into three categories according to their materials: spring mattresses, palm mattresses and latex mattresses. These three mattresses have obvious differences. The process of latex mattress is relatively complicated, which also leads to the high cost of latex mattress, so the price is more expensive than ordinary mattress. Mattresses made of latex juice have good resilience, conform to the contours of the body, have good support, natural materials, environmental protection, good air permeability, and no deformation after washing.

  While paying attention to what brand of latex mattress is good, we must also understand the points that latex mattresses need to pay attention to. The content of latex in latex mattresses is not as high as possible. And there is no 100% natural latex. In the process of making oak sap into latex, other raw materials need to be added to foam. Generally speaking, 95% is the critical value of latex mattresses. The latex content exceeds 95%, which is difficult to shape. The yield rate will decrease. There are situations in the market that use synthetic latex to pretend to be natural latex, and synthetic latex is much worse than natural latex. Synthetic latex is a chemical polymer, the main component is styrene butadiene rubber, generally derived from petroleum extracts. The styrene-butadiene rubber itself has the smell of styrene. The main purpose of the styrene-butadiene rubber is to make tires. The benzene volatilized by heat is more harmful to the body.

  Compared with natural latex, synthetic latex is harmful to the human body and is not suitable for mattresses. The price of mattresses ranges from tens of yuan to several thousand or even tens of millions. The price difference is very large. What brand of latex mattress is good is a problem that bothers everyone. After comprehensive comparison, my recommendations are mainly Mainly latex mattresses.

   Although many places may contain formaldehyde, you don’t have to worry about it. Not all mattresses contain formaldehyde. Some big conscientious brands will not use formaldehyde. For glue, they will use alternatives such as environmentally friendly hot-melt glue. Of course, the cost is higher than that of glue containing formaldehyde and there is less profit margin. However, big brands cherish their feathers, especially the old brands for many years, so they don’t want to do it. If you smash your own brand, what brand of latex mattress is good, and the more powerful mattress brand will use more advanced technology.

   It is recommended to buy from regular channels. It depends on the quality of the factory and the inner core. A real good natural latex mattress can hardly smell a little bit, the smell is very weak, and the support effect is good. long life. What brand of latex mattress is good? There are many big and small mattress brands on the market. If you choose, it is recommended to buy a big brand with a good reputation like mousse. My house now uses mousse, which is pretty good in all aspects. I am satisfied.

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