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Which brand of latex mattress is better? How to choose a latex mattress?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-05-18

   There are many things to consider when buying a mattress, such as the brand, material, price and experience of the mattress. After all, whether we can have a good night’s sleep is closely related to the mattress. of. Now everyone likes latex mattresses, so which brand of latex mattresses is better? Should we choose latex mattresses? Let us take a look today!

Before discussing which brand of latex mattress is good, we can first understand some little knowledge about latex mattress itself. The raw material used for latex mattress is rubber tree sap. The output is small and the material is difficult to obtain, so the price is high. In addition to the rare raw material, the production process of latex is also very complicated. The mainstream latex process in the world is divided into two One is the early Dunlop and the other is Traley. The main difference between them is that the production process of the former is foaming, injection molding, vulcanization, and washing; while the latter is mold filling and vacuum treatment (ie, punching). CO2 technology), curing molding, latex molding, freezing foaming, repeated washing and drying. It can be seen that the Trera process is an upgraded version of the Dunlop process, so when we consider which brand of latex mattress is good, we can first investigate what manufacturing process the brand’s latex mattress uses Yes, it’s not that Dunlop’s latex is not good, but to prevent some brands from using Dunlop’s products to sell at the price of Trera’s craft. Related reading: How about latex mattresses

   latex mattresses are also divided into composite latex mattresses with latex layer, which is currently the most popular latex mattress on the market , Which brand of latex mattress is good? We can compare the latex mattresses of the famous domestic mousse brand. The composite latex mattresses are based on the latex layer conforming to the mattress, and the spring support layer is added. The advantage of the mattress is that the independent spring is used as the support layer, which can better control the softness and hardness of the entire mattress, and the independent spring system can also play the role of independent support, mute, and interference-free. The other is a pure latex mattress. As the name suggests, it is made of pure natural latex after being foamed to become a large whole latex mattress, and then this mattress is cut according to its size and thickness. Both types of mattresses have their own advantages, but composite latex mattresses are still the mainstream on the market.

Which brand of latex mattress is better? We just mentioned mousse. Since it entered the bedding industry in 2004, mousse has a good reputation among consumers. The service concept of Mousse is to create the most comfortable sleeping environment for customers. Therefore, in addition to mattresses, there are many supporting products that can better improve our life happiness index. In addition to good product quality, the price of Mousse is also The pricing is very solid, so if you want to buy a mattress, don't let mousse go shopping.

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