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Which brand of domestic mattress is better? What does a good mattress look like?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-05-23

   Which brand of domestic mattress is good? What does a good mattress look like? I believe many people will be curious about these two issues. With the improvement of technology, domestic mattresses are also doing better and better. When buying mattresses, people don’t only consider imported mattresses as in the past. And now domestically made mattresses are everyone's first choice. The following editor will answer these two questions for you.

   First, let's take a look at which brand of domestic mattress is better. When it comes to domestic brands, it is natural not to mention mousse mattresses. The full name of Mousse is Mousse Health Sleep Co., Ltd., hereinafter referred to as Mousse. The mousse brand was founded in 2004, specializing in the research of human healthy sleep, engaged in the research and development, production and sales of a complete set of healthy sleep systems. Mousse knows that sleep, which accounts for one-third of life, is of great significance, and has established its vision and mission of 'making people sleep better'. Based on these concepts, mousse mattresses are very popular in the market. If you want to say which brand of domestic mattresses is good, I think Mou Si is well-deserved.

   I have introduced you which brand of domestic mattress is good, here we will take a look at what a good mattress looks like. Let the editor use a spring mattress to give you an example. First of all, a good spring mattress must have high-quality springs. There are two main types of springs for spring mattresses, namely independent cylinders and conjoined springs. The independent tube spring mattress is to press each independent spring into a non-woven bag and fill it into the bag, then connect it and arrange it, and then glue it together to form a bed net. The conjoined spring is also called interlocking spring, which expands a single spring into a whole. This kind of spring system moves the whole body when one is pulled, and when one place is compressed, the nearby springs will interfere with each other. But no matter what spring is used, its softness is very important. An excellent mattress spring is moderately soft and hard.

   Let’s continue to see what the filling layer of an excellent mattress looks like. The mattress is a daily necessities, we have to spend a third of our life with it, and it is such an important thing to sleep. Therefore, the environmental protection of the filling layer is very important. The most common filling layers of traditional mattresses are jute and brown. They are both harder filling layers. Under the same hardness, you can choose jute if you have a higher budget. The insect resistance is better. Generally, brown hemp is the best choice. In fact, the level of environmental protection performance depends on the difference of the bonding process. The general one on the market is glue bonding. You all know that there is no glue and no formaldehyde. Wherever there is glue, there is formaldehyde! The other is a high temperature and high pressure process, which is relatively environmentally friendly. a lot of.

   The above is the question 'Which brand of domestic mattress is good? What does a good mattress look like?' I hope today’s sharing can help everyone. Related Reading: Ranking of Top Ten Best-selling Mattresses in China

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