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Which brand is better to buy a bed? What grade does a Weicheng bed belong to?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-05-28

   A good bed can bring good sleep and good mood. The importance of a good bed for comfortable sleep and good health is self-evident. When it comes to the choice of bedding, some experts know the material of the fabric, they will study the fabric count, density and printing and dyeing process, and even use different bedding according to the season, weather changes and skin condition. So what grade does the mousse bed belong to? As a benchmark enterprise in the bedding industry, mousse leads a modern high-quality lifestyle and creates an extraordinary room experience for users who are pursuing a quality life.

  Mousse 0769 MCQ4-002

  For people with shoulder and neck discomfort, this product's memory foam-automatic shoulder and neck soothing belt design can actively relieve the shoulder and neck position during sleep The oppression, optimize the deep sleep state. For teenagers, people with chest, high and low shoulders, it can reasonably reduce the unilateral pressure when lying on the side and maintain the level of the spine. For women, it can alleviate the local pressure on women's shoulders and chest when sleeping on the side, and appropriately reduce the probability of breast hyperplasia. In addition, it is suitable for couples or couples to hug and sleep together. It can relieve hand numbness and shoulder fatigue during sleep.

What grade does    mousse bed belong to? In terms of material selection, the front of this mattress is made of luxurious bamboo charcoal fiber knitted fabric, and its moisture absorption and breathability ranks first among all major textile fibers. It’s cool and breathable in summer, and won’t get hot and dry in winter; the reverse side is made of 3D breathable three-dimensional fabric, which feels hard to sleep. It is suitable for summer use. The antibacterial rate is 94.5%. It has been tested by SGS, the world's largest inspection and certification organization, and has been included in the selection of SARS protective clothing.

  Mousse 0769 Milan Light BCQ1-068

   The design of this bed was inspired by James when he visited an art exhibition in Milan, Italy. 'This painting is deeply attracted by its artistic color. The yellow in the painting symbolizes the joy of a bumper harvest. The designer incorporates this element into the bedding to imply good luck and success for the bedroom owner.

  The wooden soft diamond-shaped bag design perfectly combines the visual power and the softness and comfort of the touch. The stylish three-dimensional bed has smooth lines, sharp edges and corners, and masculinity shows the beauty of strength; the movable bag design can meet the support needs of different parts, and the retractable bed frame design is simple and safe. The craftsmanship requirements of this bed are extremely high, and the error of the three-dimensional splicing part cannot be 0.2CM. Every splicing requires fine measurement, which is perfectly reflected in the details.

What grade does    mousse bed belong to? From the above specific products, we can know its status in the bedding industry. Good sleep makes you a big step towards a happy life. Mousse is committed to creating healthy and comfortable sleep products for users and creating a peaceful and comfortable sleep experience.

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