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What to do if the mattress zipper appears

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-09-13
Mattress is an item that people must use every day. Its quality is related to the sleeping condition, and it also needs to be maintained frequently. If there is a problem with the zipper, it must be solved in time and the correct method must be followed. , Can't fool around. 1. The light steel mattress manufacturer has introduced that the mattress zipper is not easy to use for a long time. It is caused by the loosening of the zipper slider. At this time, you can use pliers (you can also use your teeth to bite and pinch the slider without pliers. Make the slider tighter, and the zipper will be easy to use. 2. When opening and closing the zipper, sometimes the chain head bites the line or fabric and makes the slider unable to pull. In this case, if you force the slider to be pulled, it will As you bite deeper, you should reverse the slider on one hand and untie the fabric on one side. When you bite in completely, do not pull the slider vigorously, but slowly reverse the slider. Also, when sewing a zipper, please don’t leave any Hidden dangers. 3. The zipper on the bag when there are too many things, if the zipper is closed, the zipper will be too stressed and the teeth will be separated from the belt. This is a serious zipper failure. Pull the left and right teeth Close, make it easy for the chain head to pass through the back closing zipper. 4. When the opening and closing is not smooth, if the chain head of the mattress zipper is pulled hard, it will cause the tooth element occlusion failure. At this time, apply paraffin or lubricating spray to the surface of the tooth And the inside, and then moved the slider a few times before sliding loose. According to the light steel mattress manufacturer, we should pay attention to the choice of mattresses for babies. Too soft or too hard mattresses are not conducive to the baby’s bone growth. Choose the appropriate hardness for your baby's weight. A high-quality mattress with a good feeling of elasticity and good support. For example, natural coconut palm and natural latex mattresses have moderate elastic support, breathable, anti-insect, anti-mite, and anti-mildew.
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