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What should I do to remedy the excessive formaldehyde of the mattress?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-09-13
After the new house was renovated, I found that I was always uncomfortable, dizzy, and lacking energy all day. I suspected that the formaldehyde exceeded the standard. Upon inspection, it was found that the problem was the mattress. If I had replaced the normal mattress, but this mattress was given to me by my girlfriend, I was really reluctant, so I wanted to remedy it, so I consulted an expert. Experts say that the mattress is a single product containing aldehydes that is easy to overlook, and we can remove aldehydes from the following two aspects. On the one hand: first remove the protective film of the mattress. Many people think that leaving the protective film can block dust, but this protective film is made of plastic, and the quality is often not very good. If you stay with us for a long time, the amount of formaldehyde it emits is amazing and it is easy to get injured. On the other hand: Take the mattress out to expose to the sun. We all know that formaldehyde will volatilize more in a high temperature environment. We can take advantage of this and take the mattress out to expose to the sun, so that part of the formaldehyde is eliminated. . Of course, the above two aspects are more optimistic. In fact, the formaldehyde of many mattresses is volatilized from the inside. It is hidden in the internal adhesive layer or the sponge layer soaked in formaldehyde. This way, it is very easy to use the above method. It's hard to achieve results. Aiming at the deeper formaldehyde, I suggest that you use the following three methods to remove aldehydes. They are used in combination to remove aldehydes faster and have better results. Method 1. Ventilation Opening windows for ventilation is a good way to remove formaldehyde. As long as the outside wind is strong and the wind direction is suitable, we can get a better effect of removing formaldehyde by opening the windows, so many people use it. However, it also has disadvantages, that is, it is too dependent on the environment. When there is no wind or the weather is getting cold, we can't remove aldehydes, so the effect will be repeated. It is recommended that you use it in conjunction with other methods. Method 2. Activated carbon. Activated carbon is a relatively primitive formaldehyde removal material. It has many small holes inside, which can absorb harmful gases in the air, of course, including formaldehyde, which can also help us reduce some of the burden of aldehyde removal. However, it is not targeted when adsorbing gas. The adsorbed formaldehyde will be more limited and easy to saturate. It will be replaced in about 20 days.
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