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What makes a Sapira mattress different from standard foam and hybrid mattresses?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2020-05-19
The premium pocket spring mattress Sapira for Leesa Sleep is now available in the UK.
Sapira mattresses take away all the love of experts and customers for the award-
Win the Leesa mattress and add a spring core with premium tempered steel pockets.
This brings in additional benefits, including EDGE support, positive support for centralized decompression, almost zero movement transfer, and enhanced breathability.
But what exactly do these benefits mean?
Many hybrid mattresses still face the challenge of providing EDGE support as their springs are wrapped around the foam edge on the edge of the mattress.
That means the edge of the mattress-
Where you need support most.
Supported by foam instead of springs.
This is one of the key areas where Sapira can separate itself. A state-of-the-
The art pocket spring system extends the pocket spring bracket to the edge of the mattress.
This means that you can use every inch of the mattress surface without affecting comfort or support.
Pocket springs in Sapira enable the mattress to actively support various pressure points and provide concentrated pressure release in the areas most needed by the body.
Sapira is designed to provide the perfect number of springs with precise design, providing the best comfort and support for all types of sleeper.
The pocket spring of 15 cm is made of very durable tempered steel.
This makes them much better than what you find in a normal pocket spring or mid spring
The series of hybrid mattresses, especially those that use miniature coils, tend to provide additional comfort but do not have real support.
Sapira improved the minimal movement transfer that Leesa mattress has been impressive, with little movement transfer, the support layer works in conjunction with the foam layer at the top, helps minimize your chances of being woken up by a restless partner.
The design of Sapira is naturally good at avoiding overheating, as the pocket spring system is not foam packed, which makes it more adaptable to the airflow.
Why not discover the support, comfort and durability of the Sapira mattress for yourself? With its 100-night risk-
Free trial, you can try it at your own comfortable home as you know Leesa will charge and offer a full refund if you don\'t sleep well.
For more information about Sapira mattresses, check out the latest offers on visitleesa. co.
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