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What kind of mattress is good and cheap? What are the advantages and disadvantages of latex mattresses, spring mattresses, and coconut palm mattresses?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-05-16

  Mattresses are a necessity for every family. If you want to buy a good and cheap mattress is what everyone expects, so do you know what kind of mattress is good and cheap?

When I saw this question, I didn’t know what kind of mattress is good and cheap. After browsing some information, after reading the customer reviews of many brands, after entering the store, I was able to make a small announcement. Small suggestion. We all know that there are more and more types of mattresses. Traditional spring mattresses are still the choice of most people, but spring mattresses still have many drawbacks. Now a large part of them are inclined to latex mattresses. What kind of mattress is good and cheap is a good word. What kind of mattress is good and cheap depends on the material. Now let’s compare the advantages and disadvantages of different materials.

  Look at latex first. Advantages:

  (1) Mattresses made of natural latex have good air permeability, antibacterial mite suppression, high resilience and Easy to clean and many other benefits.

  (2) The most important point is that latex mattresses are suitable for all ages and have excellent support for the human body, which can correct sleeping posture and adjust body curves.


  (1) It is easy to oxidize and produce debris after exposure to the sun, which affects the life of the mattress;

  (2) The latex market is uneven, there are Unscrupulous merchants use synthetic rubber to pretend to be natural rubber. If it is shoddy, it is easy to buy fakes. The quality of fakes is poor. Sleeping for a long time may also affect your health.

  (3) Because natural latex material is precious, it is called soft gold, and the cost is relatively high, so this type of mattress is naturally expensive.

  The second material is the advantage of palm:

  (1) The material is natural coconut palm or mountain brown, which has better air permeability

  (2) Mattress prices are relatively low.


  (1) is made of coconut fiber, so the texture is generally hard, like a hard bed.

  (2) cannot fit The curve of the human body can easily cause physical fatigue and cannot relax effectively.

  (3) Coconut palm is derived from coconut shreds and contains sugar, so it is easy to get insects in the later stage if it is not handled well. The third type is the common spring. Many people think that what kind of mattress is good and cheap is definitely a spring mattress. I don't agree with it.

  spring mattress has its advantages:

  (1) Better support, durability, strong air permeability, strong durability.

  (2) Spring mattresses are relatively soft, which can effectively ensure comfortable sleep, promote deep sleep, and improve sleep quality. To achieve a relaxing effect. (3) Spring mattresses are cheaper. However, it is outdated and has many shortcomings. The noise generated by the spring when it turns over affects sleep, and the spring mattress is not easy to clean. Related reading: Ranking of Top Ten Best-selling Mattresses in China For latex mattresses, Mousse has been committed to bedding products, and has made remarkable achievements since 2004. Among the mattress products, latex mattresses are sold very well, with high quality and low price. The key is to guarantee the authenticity.

   So if you want to ask what kind of mattress is good and cheap, you still need to experience it yourself. The editor thinks that mousse mattress is good, and you must go to mousse to have a look when you have time.

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