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What is the size of the bedside table? What is the standard size?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-05-12

   There is a bedside table next to the bed in the bedroom, which can store the small items needed in daily life. After playing with the mobile phone at night, you can quickly put it in the cabinet. However, there are many such cabinets on the market, available in different sizes. When we are decorating our own family, what size cabinet should we choose? Let's let the editor come to popularize science for everyone.

  According to the principles of mechanics and ergonomics, the National Light Industry Department issued a standard size for bedside cabinets, that is, the width of the bedside cabinet is between 400-600mm and the depth is between 350-450mm. The height of the bedside cabinet is between 500-700mm. At present, the height of the bedside cabinet and the size of the bedside cabinet are designed according to this range. The size of the specific bedside cabinet depends on the size of the bed and the style of the bedside cabinet. Of course this is not absolute. As long as we are within this range, we can make some adjustments accordingly. Let me introduce you to several commonly used bedside table sizes.

   First, let’s take a look at the modern-style open bedside cabinet. The shape of this kind of cabinet is concise, fashionable and simple, concise, lively and not impetuous, and at the same time there is no lack of relaxation and romance. The height of this type of bedside table and the size of the bedside cabinet are usually: 580mm*415mm*490mm, 600mm*400mm*600mm, 600mm*400mm*400mm, this kind of bedside table size is suitable for 1500*2000mm and 1800*2000mm beds.

   Let’s take a look at the cabinet for the combined bedside. This kind of cabinet is also called a set cabinet, which is called a set cabinet because it is customized according to the furniture. The height and size of the cabinet for this bedside varies according to the size of the bed. For a bed of 1850mm*2020mm, the general cabinet size for the headboard is: 680mm*410mm*640mm, and for a bed of 1800mm*2000mm, the cabinet size for the headboard is 990*457*1397mm.

  The above introduced the size of the cabinet for the bedside, let’s take a look at the height of this cabinet. The size and height of our bedside cabinet needs to match our bed. Generally, a 1500mm bed is placed with a cabinet with a width of about 500, while a 1800mm bed requires a cabinet with a width of 600 or more. The height is generally about 450. , The bedside cabinet is slightly lower than the bed, which improves the safety during sleep, is conducive to sleep and improves the quality of sleep. Generally speaking, the height of the bed edge is 45 cm. Too high or too low will only bring inconvenience to getting on and off the bed. Too high will cause inconvenience when getting on and off the bed. pressure. Therefore, the height of the bedside table is generally the same as or slightly lower than the height of the bed.

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