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What is the right price for the mattress? Which brand of latex mattress is good?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-05-22

  Mattresses are household items that our families need, so what is the price of the mattresses everyone buys? Which grade of mattresses do ordinary families choose more cost-effective?

   There are many brands of mattresses, there are many types, and the price range is relatively large. The rich pursue the quality of life, naturally, they are expensive. There is nothing to discuss about this. What we need to care about is the parity that ordinary families can accept. But cost-effective mattresses, in order to make our sleep quality high, we must choose a mattress carefully. One third of our life is spent in bed. For such a long time, we should be equipped with good bedding. . There are hundreds of cheap mattresses. This kind of mattress is only suitable for migrant workers. It is portable and convenient. If it breaks, it will be replaced with a new one. It will not be too distressed when it is thrown away. It will be used by parents for a long time. If so, the recommended mattress price should be controlled at 3000 to 5000. Because mattresses are durable goods, buying a mattress can last for many years with proper care. So what material are most of the mattresses at this price? Let’s take a look through the Mousse brand. When we walk into Mousse’s official website, we will find that it is the main household item. The mattresses and bedding are all exquisite. The types are also very rich, there are latex mattresses, spring mattresses, coconut palm mattresses, etc., of which latex spring mattresses are the most expensive, with a price of up to 15,399 yuan. This kind of mattress is good at quiet, and pocketed silent springs reduce The friction between the springs does not interfere with each other, creating a quiet and comfortable sleeping environment. The price of latex mattress is more than 6,000 and it has a silent effect. It is a three-centimeter thick latex. The content of natural latex is more than 80%. The latex is naturally extracted and is a comfortable cloud cushion made of gold with different density materials. , Wrap the body softly, like being in a sea of u200bu200bclouds, enjoying a different sleep experience. The cheaper one is the coconut palm mattress. The price of the mattress is about 3,000. The advantage of this level is that the 3D Coconut Weikang has strong compression resistance, uniform support, strong support, and moisture-proof and breathable, and it is not afraid of insects. There is also this degree because of its low density, it is not easy to deform in use, and it is durable and does not collapse. The last one is also the most popular choice, is the spring mattress. The price of this mattress is around 2000, with moderate hardness and suitable for the sleeping habits of young people. These are the reference prices of mousse mattresses, you can check it out.

   The above sharing of mattress prices is rather rough. If you buy a mattress recently, you can go to Mousse’s physical store to check it out. After all, there is a saying Well, seeing it is better than hearing it.

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