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What is the ranking of home textile brands

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-06-06

  Home textile bedding has become an indispensable demand of people's daily life. It can meet people's daily needs and also meet people's multi-functional needs for fashion, personality, health and hygiene. Home textile bedding is a manifestation of people’s material living standards and the pursuit of a better quality of life. However, nowadays home textile bedding brands are mixed. To choose a suitable home textile product, it is very important to pay attention to the home textile brand rankings. After all, they are in the rankings. The quality of the brand is relatively better.

   Why do people pay so much attention to the home textile brand rankings now? Home textiles are in direct contact with our skin, and quality is particularly important. If there is no special requirement, you can check the home textile brand rankings. If you buy it in China, you can buy it more at ease and use it more comfortably. In fact, it is not necessary to choose home textiles according to brand and reputation. Of course, some famous brands make us more assured in terms of product quality, but also sometimes the premium is too high, and the IQ tax is unavoidable. My suggestion is to figure out the specific parameters of the home textile products you want to buy when buying, try to buy some brands within the brand list, and choose styles according to your own preferences.

   home textiles are made of pure cotton, silk and tencel. Pure cotton is subdivided into long-staple cotton and non-long-staple cotton. As far as comfort is concerned, these categories can meet the needs of most people. Choosing good home textile products from the ranking of home textile brands must pay attention to the count and density of the four-piece home textile. The count of four-piece sets on the market is generally 40 or more, usually 40, 60, 80, etc. , The higher the number, the higher the corresponding price. Remind everyone that the count is too 'thin' if the count exceeds 120. If it is too thin, the fiber will be weaker and not suitable for bedding. At present, people think that the most comfortable count is 60. . The density generally corresponds to the number of branches, 60 branches correspond to 300 roots, 80 branches correspond to 400 roots, and so on. Therefore, it is good to pay attention to the number of four-piece sets when purchasing, and choose more than 40 sets first. More than 60 pieces can reach the naked sleeping level. If your budget is enough, you can also choose the silk material, which is super invincible and silky. The four-piece bedding set is comfortable and easy to use, giving yourself a comfortable space for sleep. If you have a need to buy, you can consider various aspects and choose the right one from the list of home textile brands based on your personal habits and preferences. brand. Related recommendation: What are the rankings of home textile brands? What are the four-piece home textiles?

   Everyone has different needs for bedding. Different channels and different angles will judge different top ten brands to form the home textile brand rankings. You can combine them when buying Choose the right price for your own budget. If you want to use it in general households, you can consider several cost-effective brands. I recommend mousse here. In recent years, the reputation among consumers is quite good. I believe it will bring you quality sleep. Experience.

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