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What is the appropriate hardness for buying a rubber mattress?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-05-19

   In fact, the hardness of a rubber mattress depends on many factors. The higher the hardness of the rubber mattresses on the market, the higher the price. When you choose a rubber mattress, its practicality is also more important, because every The standard hardness of each manufacturer's brand is different, let's introduce to you how much the hardness of the rubber mattress is appropriate.

  One, the determining factor of the hardness of the rubber mattress

   The hardness of the rubber mattress depends on many factors. The first is the raw material. The rubber of each production area is It is not the same, so the product is greatly affected by the raw materials, followed by the processing technology. If the processing technology is relatively stable during processing, its hardness is also relatively high.

  The other thing is its density. Generally, the density will affect its breathability and tension. Naturally, it also affects its hardness. Most of the hardness on the market now is 80D.

  Second, the type of rubber mattress hardness

   First, if the density is 60 to 70, it is relatively soft, and then 70-75 This kind of rubber mattress is more suitable for us Asians. The hardness of the rubber mattress is suitable. Secondly, I want to give everyone a recommendation on the weight. Let’s talk about its hardness from the weight. For those weighing less than 100 catties, it is recommended to choose 5-10 cm. For rubber mattresses, 100-150 choose thicker rubber mattresses. Although the thickness of the rubber mattress is thicker, the comfort level is higher. Personally, I think 80D is just right, and the sense of fashion is better.

  3. Recommendations for choosing the hardness of rubber mattresses

   Everyone's physical condition is different, such as weight, height, fat and thin, etc., mattresses that are suitable for soft and hard, except for necessary Elasticity and softness are both important. Too hard or too soft will not work. They are not good for our sleep. If it is too soft, the bed will be sunken. If this is not good for our spine, if it is too hard, our muscles will not relax well. The body is in a state of compression. Generally speaking, the weight is relatively light, and the heavy weight is suitable for a harder mattress, and the strength of the spring can give each part of the body a comfortable feeling, according to the gravity generated by each part of the body when the human body sleeps When designing a mattress, the hardness of the rubber mattress is appropriate. The softness of the different areas is used to protect the body and make us more comfortable. The partition of the latex mattress refers to the design of the rubber mattress. Each focus point of the mattress is different, to divide different areas, and different areas are designed accordingly. The rubber mattress that fits the body can provide body support.

   The above is some popular science about the hardness of rubber mattresses, so we really have to consider many factors when choosing. After all, the rubber mattress is not a particularly cheap product, and if we spend a large price to buy it, it is intended to be used for a long time, so we must choose a suitable and favorite brand.

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