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What is an electric bed? What brand of electric bed is good?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-05-16

  With the improvement of living standards now, more and more people choose electric beds when they choose home beds. So what is an electric bed? Let's take a look.

   There are two types of electric beds, one for household use and the other for medical use. Home use:

  1. Head and tail lifting function: Compared with medical care, the lifting function is more diverse. The angle of the bed can be adjusted according to the human body structure, and the curvature of the bed can be adjusted according to the curvature of the body through the remote control, which is very comfortable.

  2, dual-zone intelligent vibration massage: buy an electric bed can also be used as a massage chair, the multi-functional massage function gives you a regional and intensity massage, which can help users quickly eliminate the feeling of body fatigue , Go to sleep faster.

  3. Charging port, Bluetooth speaker, heart-warming lamp: the electric bed is designed with a charging port, and there is a Bluetooth speaker, you can listen to music while massage, and the heart-warming light at the bottom of the bed makes the room full A sense of warmth.

  4. Split design: The double bed split design can meet the different needs of two people at the same time. It can massage different areas and control the system independently without interfering with each other. Related reading: Is the mattress hard or soft?

   At the same time, the split bed can also be used as a whole bed, which can be controlled separately when needed. Medical use:

  1. Lifting function, which is convenient for the patient to lie on the bed to eat and watch TV. The lifting of the foot of the bed is conducive to the treatment of the sewage discharged by the patient.

  2. The left-right turn function and the three-point arc turn-over design can enable the patient to turn left and right within the range of 0°-60° to prevent the formation of bedsores, which saves a lot of effort for the patient’s family. The electric bed with the function of turning over has two types: regular turning over and turning over at any time when needed.

  3. The hands-free function, the built-in toilet, the movable toilet cover, the movable baffle at the front of the toilet, the cold and hot water guns and other components form a complete hands-free system, which is Patients with limited mobility provide great convenience and save energy.

  As my country is a country with a large population and the aging problem is becoming more and more obvious, the utilization rate of electric nursing beds with this function will be high. At present, according to the probability of use of 2%, there are 2.68 million in the country alone. Zhang's needs. So since this kind of nursing bed is so good, what brand should we choose the most reliable? Here I recommend Mousse. Mousse has been committed to the research and development of home furnishing products, and has always been in the forefront in the research and development of such high-tech products. Yes, so it must be correct to choose the electric bed of the mousse brand.

   Finally, I hope that some of the above introductions about electric beds can be helpful to everyone, and I hope everyone can pay attention to the brand of Mousse. You give Mouss a trust, and Mouss gives you a perfect comfort. Experience.

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