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What is a latex mattress? How to choose the thickness of latex mattress?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-05-16

  With the rapid economic development, people's requirements for the quality of life are gradually increasing. Many people buy pillows and mattresses made of latex to improve their sleep quality. However, although some people have talked about the benefits of latex mattresses, they have never actually understood what this kind of mattress is, or how to choose the thickness of a latex mattress. If you are interested in these two issues, then you can take a moment to read this article, and the editor will explain it in detail.

   Before understanding how to choose the thickness of a latex mattress, we first need to know what a latex mattress is. Latex mattresses are mattress products made of natural latex produced by rubber trees. Because it is a natural product, this mattress is very environmentally friendly. And because of the characteristics of latex, this mattress product has super high resilience, natural anti-mite material, antibacterial and anti-mite effects. Because of its various benefits, many people would like to know how to choose the thickness of latex mattress, so that they can buy a latex mattress product that suits them. Related reading: China's top ten branded mattresses

   In addition to the characteristics described above, natural latex mattresses also fit the contours of the body very well, giving each part sufficient support. People who often change their sleeping position during sleep will not affect the people who are sleeping no matter how much they roll. And latex mattresses have millions of internally connected air holes, which allow air to circulate freely and keep the mattress dry. It is not only comfortable but not easy to collapse. Related reading: price of natural latex mattress It is 20 cm thick, of which, the hard plate is about 3-5 cm, the spring is about 10 cm, and the layer of hard cloth + sponge on the spring is about 5-7 cm. The softness and hardness are generally adjusted by springs, and sometimes collapse occurs over time. The thickness of latex mattresses will be more flexible. The thickness of latex mattresses is generally divided into 3CM, 5CM, 7.5CM, 10CM, 15CM and so on. One of the characteristics is that the thicker the mattress, the more expensive it is. These latex mattresses of different thicknesses can be applied to different occasions. For example, if we have a good spring bed at home, we can buy 3CM, 5CM, 7.5CM latex mattress pads on it to increase the performance of the spring mattress. If we don't have a mattress at home or we need to use latex mattresses directly on the wooden bed, we suggest you buy a latex mattress of more than 10cm. Latex mattresses that are too thin will have a worse effect on improving the quality of our sleep. Recommended reading: What is the price of latex mattress

How to choose the thickness of latex mattress also needs to be selected according to our weight. Everyone's weight, damage to the lumbar spine, and the softness of the previous sleeping mattress all need to be considered comprehensively. Therefore, it is recommended that you go directly to the physical store of Mousse to buy latex mattresses. Only then can you buy a latex mattress that suits you.

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