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What hardness latex mattress is suitable for children to buy? What is the price of a latex mattress?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-05-15

  What hardness latex mattress is suitable for children to buy? What is the price of a latex mattress? Today's editor's knowledge of mattresses for everyone is about these two issues. Because the editor received a lot of inquiries about these two issues some time ago. So today, the editor has compiled some materials, and I will explain it to you here.

  What hardness latex mattress is suitable for children to buy? What is the price of latex mattress? In these two questions, let's first explain to everyone what hardness mattress is suitable for children to buy. The hardness of children's mattresses has always been very controversial. It is necessary to know that a suitable mattress can promote the growth and development of bones and the healthy growth of the body. So what kind of mattress is suitable? Here, the editor will give you a piece of science about the effects of a too soft mattress and a too hard mattress. First of all, if the mattress is too soft, although the child sleeps comfortably, it is easy to fall, and it is difficult to turn over. A mattress that is too hard can not properly support various parts of the body. Instead, it will cause more serious chronic damage to the spine, especially for developing children. Once the spine is damaged, it will not only affect the length and appearance of the body, but even affect it. The development of internal organs. When many parents buy latex mattresses, they only care about the price of the latex mattress, but not what kind of mattress the child really needs. In fact, this is putting the cart before the horse.

   Then, regardless of the price of latex mattresses, what kind of mattress should we choose for children? Here, let me analyze it for everyone. The spine is a micro S-shaped viewed from the side. Therefore, the support of the human spine is not enough to rely on hard wood boards. Children’s sleeping habit is to lie flat. When lying flat, the child’s abdomen will put pressure on the concave lumbar spine, and the lumbar spine will be forced downward, while the hardwood bed cannot provide support for the concave lumbar. The upper thoracic spine of the body And the cervical spine will naturally tilt forward, affecting the development of the spine. If you want to ensure that the mattress constitutes an effective support for the entire S-shape, it is necessary to ensure that the mattress can fit the buttocks and the back concave, and the waist and neck are convex. The hard place is hard, and the soft place is soft. So when we buy a children’s mattress, it’s best to have a practical experience and make sure that the mattress we buy meets the conditions mentioned in the editor above before we buy it.

   Finally, let’s take a look at the price of latex mattresses. There are many price grades of latex mattresses, and different prices can provide us with different effects. Generally speaking, the price of latex mattresses ranges from 6000 to 10000. The above is the mattress industry knowledge for everyone today. After reading the editor's sharing today, do you know what is happening with latex mattresses? Mousse is a professional mattress company that integrates production, research and development, and sales. It is our best choice for buying mattresses. If you need to buy a mattress, please contact mousse.

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