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What exactly does the mattress protector do?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-05-22

  Choosing a comfortable and durable mattress is an important part of modern people's home life. However, most people know nothing about how to protect the hygiene of the mattress and what kind of health problems it will cause to the human body. It is very controversial for the mattress protector. Some people think it is necessary to buy it, and some people think it is not necessary to buy it. What are the functions of the mattress protector?

   According to a bed According to the survey conducted by Mat Cleaning, in terms of the frequency and method of cleaning, 53.07% of people have never cleaned their mattresses, 11.54% of people have cleaned them once a year, and 25% have no idea what to do or how to clean the mattresses. The human body naturally metabolizes 250ml of sweat every night, and the human body sheds about 1.5 million pieces of dander every hour, but where did these fluids and dander go during sleep? More than 90% are all accumulated in the mattress. Therefore, the mattress has become the most parasitic place of mites and bacteria. The mattress protector can play a very important role at this time. Generally, the mattress protector is used in hotels and other accommodations. In order to protect the mattress from getting dirty, for its cleanliness and hygiene, the mattress Dirt is usually caused by improper use by humans. Once the dirt affects the mattress, dust mites and bacteria accumulated over the years will cause human sleep and rest to affect your health and sleep quality.

  Think about how many bacteria we can’t see will grow if we don’t like cleanliness, and we will sleep with ourselves every day, which is why modern people One of the reasons allergic diseases are so rampant, so use a mattress protector to keep all the dirt out. No matter what furniture you buy, everyone needs the size they want. When buying a mattress protector, we have to determine its size, but the mattress protector we want to buy must be larger than the mattress, or it won’t cover it. If you live on a mattress, these will be indicated on the label of the mattress. Buying a higher quality mattress protector, after all, you pay for what you pay for, to better protect your health and increase the life of your mattress.

   Now I personally recommend buying anti-mite mattresses. Those mites can grow faster than you think in the hot summer, so using this mattress protector can effectively resist bacteria. It is A good choice, and some are waterproof. You can also prepare one.

   The above is to introduce the function of mattress protector and how to buy mattress protector. Now people will pay attention to comfort, health and hygiene. It is also very important to choose one that suits you. When purchasing, you should pay more attention to the quality and some materials. After all, there is still the closest contact with the skin. Now there are various styles of mattress protectors on the market, so you still have to shop around before buying. .

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