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What do you need to pay attention to about the custom-made hotel spring mattress knowledge?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-09-01
Hotel spring mattresses are the most common type of mattresses in hotels. Both the style and the type of mattresses can meet the needs of guests. The following editor will explain the custom-made hotel spring mattresses for you Some knowledge will let you know more about hotel mattresses. Hotel mattress knowledge of different levels Star hotels may have different hardware requirements for different suites. It cannot be generalized. The thickness of the mattress is also different. It is recommended to choose a few different attributes, soft, hard, moderately soft and hard. With more choices for customers, the hotel's humanized services can also be improved. The fabric is mainly white. Star-rated hotel mattresses require    express hotels, because most bed frames are made of plate technology, it is recommended not to choose too thick mattresses, 20-22cm standard height, moderate hardness, and the fabric is mainly white. Requirement of Express Hotel Mattress Parameter requirements of hotel mattress customization:    1. Removable and washable mattress fabric, front: Modal washed cotton fabric, density 260g, reverse: 3D breathable fabric, coat 360 degree zipper type 2. Stiff mattress spring Requirements, carbon steel spring: core diameter 2.1-2.3, the number of 660-800  3, moderate soft and hard mattress spring requirements: independent tube silent spring, core diameter 2.0, number of 700-1000  4, coconut palm requirements: 3E environmentally friendly coconut The material and size of the custom-made mattress of Mengwei Hotel are the knowledge and technology of custom-made hotel spring mattresses. Understanding the knowledge of custom-made hotel spring mattresses has a great improvement in the ability to choose furniture. Reasons for class knowledge.
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