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What could be the cause of poor sleep quality? Sleeping environment is very important!

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-03-19
Rest has become a big problem for many people. Of course, life and work are under heavy pressure. Everyone is running for money. First of all, the heart is already very tired. If there is no comfortable sleeping environment, insomnia will be late at night. It's very common. Today, I will take you to understand what may be the cause?   1. Pillow is too high: Change to buckwheat pillow  In ancient times, there is another saying that 'sitting comfortably'. Nowadays, some people like to sleep on high pillows and think that sleeping like this is more comfortable. In fact, a pillow that is too high is harmful to the human body and is of no avail. For a long time, they are vulnerable to cervical spondylosis, which affects the blood supply to the brain. In severe cases, sexual excitement can affect nerve conduction, and may lead to impotence and decreased cardiopulmonary function.   Tip: The height of the pillow should be equal to the height of the boxing. The filling of the pillow is also very important. A good filling has good fluidity and shape, which helps to relax the muscles. Buckwheat husks and tea are good choices. 2. Mattress is too tight: lack of sleep is also harmful. Sleeping on a soft bed increases the contact area between the human body and the bed surface, and also increases the area of u200bu200bthe body being compressed, which does not help the blood circulation of the human body surface and muscles and the lower back Stress, which can easily cause back pain and limbs.  The mattress will not seriously affect the health of the spine, but it is too hard, but the pressure on the shoulders and hips will also affect the quality of sleep and affect your sexual interest.   In addition, please pay attention to frequently changing the sheets to make the mattress breathable. Otherwise, a wet mattress may be susceptible to mites and mites and cause skin irritation.   Tip: Choose soft, hard mattresses or bamboo mattresses according to your sleeping habits as much as possible (all inner tanks are made of bamboo and natural rubber). It is environmentally friendly and can make your mattress breathable.  3. Too high room temperature: Affect libido    Researchers from German universities have also confirmed that refrigerating apples can keep them fresh for a longer period of time. This principle also applies to the human body. The higher the body temperature, the faster the body's metabolism, and people are also prone to premature aging, and aging will also affect sexual function. Therefore, when sleeping in the summer, the room temperature should not be too high.   Tip: If the room temperature is low, the aging speed will be slower, but the air conditioner temperature is too low and will consume more power, so it is not environmentally friendly. According to general recommendations, the temperature of the air conditioner is set to about 28 degrees. The human body is more comfortable, cool or not, it can maintain better physical condition and libido. In summary, poor sleep quality is a big problem. Everyone should pay more attention to our daily life and arrange our work environment as much as possible. This will greatly help our tired body and mind. .
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