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What brand of latex mattress is good?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-05-15

  Before buying a latex mattress, many people asked what brand of latex mattress is good, so what exactly should I know about it?

  How thick a latex mattress should I buy? Any brand Latex mattresses have a lot of size specifications, width, length, thickness, width and length are better to choose as long as you decide according to the size of your own bed, but the thickness is not easy to determine, is the thicker the better? Answer Definitely negative.

   Many friends prefer to sleep on harder beds. It is recommended that the thickness of latex mattress is 3cm, because too thick mattress will be very soft. For those who like to be softer or moderate, you can choose from 5cm to 10cm according to your own preferences. What brand of latex mattress is good? You have to consider the hardness index and density index of the latex mattress. These can be selected according to your specific needs, 60-70, relatively soft; 70-80, relatively moderate; above 80, relatively Harder. Why are the same latex mattresses, some one to two thousand, some five to six thousand or even tens of thousands? First of all, there is some gap between physical stores and online ones. I think everyone should understand that the rent of physical stores accounts for a large amount. One piece, today, putting aside the gap between physical stores and the Internet, just talk about the online ones. What brand of latex mattresses are good for you to search online. There are more than one thousand yuan, and there are more than ten thousand yuan. Just analyze it briefly.

   As mentioned earlier, the cost of latex mattresses is really not a high proportion of the total price. Even if one type of latex content is high and the other is low content, it is the total price The impact is not high. It is the craftsmanship and brand premium that really determine the price. At present, there are three main production processes for latex mattresses, Dunlop, Talalay and Sapsa. Dunlop is the mainstream, the main process is: foaming-injecting mold-steaming-cleaning-squeezing out water-drying. The craftsmanship determines part of the price difference, but a larger proportion is the brand premium. For example, latex mattresses with a price of several hundred dollars should be carefully considered. The hazards of synthetic latex must be known. Volatile substances are carcinogenic, so everyone must consider multiple aspects when buying latex mattresses. You can’t just focus on what brand of latex mattress is good. I hope this content will be useful to everyone and will allow you to choose a satisfactory latex mattress.

   Regarding the question of what brand of latex mattresses are good, one of the brands I have learned about with good reputation is mousse, which is made by the Chinese women’s volleyball team. Brand endorsement, I think it is more trustworthy than any celebrity. Sleep is really too important for everyone. There are many factors that affect sleep, but the most important thing is to have a comfortable mattress. In addition to allowing our body to relax completely, the mattress can also release enough. Release the pressure of the whole body!

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