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What are the types of mattresses for soft beds? Learn quickly!

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-03-23
As a product that is loved by everyone, the soft bed has occupied a large market share, which is an inevitable phenomenon of social development. However, as soft beds are sought after today, we need to know that softness is not necessarily good. Buying a mattress that is too soft may cause irreversible damage to our spine.  1. Latex mattress    latex mattress is breathable, has a smooth pore surface and will not stick to ticks. One of the most important characteristics of latex juice is the inaccessibility of aromatic mosquitoes. Latex has good elasticity, does not deform, is washable, and is durable. Healthy ingredients. Latex mattresses have been widely used by people, and latex mattresses for babies and toddlers are usually available.  2. Palm mattress    Palm mattress can be immediately associated with terms such as pure nature. The palm mattress material is natural coconut palm or mountain brown, breathable and woven from palm fibers, and the texture is usually hard or soft. The price of this kind of mattress is relatively cheap. Applicable people: The elderly, children and people with back problems can choose a brown mattress.  3. Spring mattress    There are several types of spring mattresses. It is becoming more and more humane. The independent pocket spring is a three-stage detachable independent spring designed strictly in accordance with the principles of ergonomics, which can be flexibly stretched according to the body's curve and weight. It evenly supports all parts of the body, naturally keeps the spine straight, fully relaxes the muscles, and reduces the number of sleep rotations.  4. Sponge mattress    For foam mattresses, one thing you can think of is memory foam mattresses. Memory foam mattresses are very sensitive to the temperature perception of the human body, so they can shape the contours of the human body well, fit the human spine well, and form the human spine. Not easy to deform.   At the end, I remind everyone that although soft beds are synonymous with comfort, only choosing a mattress that suits your physical fitness is more beneficial to our health.
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