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What are the tips for buying a crib?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-08-06
For the special device of the crib, many parents will think about whether it is necessary to buy it. But in fact, cribs are still necessary. It is believed that many mothers start to buy various baby products before the birth of their children, such as baby wipes, diapers, sleeping bags, cribs, and strollers. So the question is, what kind of crib should I buy? The following mattress manufacturers will take everyone to take a look! 1. Appearance Judging from the appearance of the crib, its exterior is designed with rounded edges, the safety spacing of the side panels of the bed conforms to the national standard, and the materials and accessories are made and treated with harmless materials. 2. Material The material of the crib should be high-quality imported New Zealand pine logs, which have clear wood texture, clean and sanitary, polished and fine workmanship. In addition, cribs need to undergo rigorous testing to ensure that they meet the safety standards required by babies. 3. Surface treatment Baby cribs should use non-toxic, non-volatile, environmentally friendly water-based surface treatment materials to ensure the safety, comfort and environmental protection of the baby's living space. Fourth, the mattress Because the baby’s bones develop very quickly during infants and young children, but very soft, too hard or too soft mattresses will have an impact on their development. Therefore, the mattress of the crib must be of moderate hardness. Therefore, parents can consider coconut palm mattresses with better hardness and air permeability. 5. Comfort In addition, the side guardrails should be able to open, so that mothers can take care of their babies' food and drink and change changing pads. The design of the crib should be humanized, and the bed body is recommended to be lengthened, so as to accompany the growth of the baby in multiple periods and suitable for the use of the baby at multiple ages. 6. Safety In order to prevent the baby from biting, the crib should be equipped with anti-bite rubber strips and a mosquito net to prevent the baby from being bitten by mosquitoes.
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