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What are the reasons for the high prices of latex mattresses?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-05-24

   Many consumers said that when they buy latex mattresses, they have been paying attention to the price of all latex mattresses. In the process, people found that the price of all latex mattresses has remained high. The prices are always cheaper as they are sold, but why has the price of mattresses delivered this Friday stayed high? This is a question that many consumers are puzzled by.

  One. High production cost

What is the price of    latex mattress? Regarding the relatively high price of full latex mattresses, we can analyze from these perspectives. First of all, its production cost is relatively high, because manufacturers need to purchase and use a large amount of natural latex in the process of producing latex mattresses. The collection and processing of Tianre latex takes a lot of time. Enterprises need to use high-end advanced production equipment, so the production cost is relatively high. Recommended reading: Generally thick mattresses are better

  Second, use pure natural latex

  The reason why the price of full latex mattress remains high is because the company is not in natural latex Add any chemical ingredients, so use pure natural latex. In this case, the amount of latex is more, and large companies are more particular when choosing latex. They will choose high-quality latex with better anti-corrosion properties. Good latex, latex that is not easy to deform and yellow.

  3. Do not add harmful chemicals

   Now many mattresses will add harmful chemicals. Long-term use will cause adverse effects on the body. The reason why the price of all latex mattresses has remained high is that the company will not add any harmful chemicals in order to reduce production costs during the production process. Therefore, in this case, people will find latex mattresses Production costs are getting higher and higher.

  Four. Strict market supervision

   Because of the strict market supervision now, in the production process, enterprises need to pay certain fees for market supervision, such as taxes and fees. The cost of various tests, if there are some unexpected situations in the production process, the company also needs to bear these costs, these factors are also the reasons for the higher prices of all-latex mattresses.

  5. Using high-grade latex production

   Different companies will use different grades of protagonists when producing full latex mattresses. Although everyone uses natural latex, these Latex is also divided into high and low grades. In the production process of high-grade latex, the cost required to invest is relatively high. Therefore, the price of all-latex mattresses produced by high-grade latex will not be too low. The material used determines it. the price of.

   In summary, we can understand that the reason why the price of all-latex mattress has been high is because of its high production cost. In the production process, pure natural latex is used. In the production of this kind of mattress, no harmful chemicals are added to reduce production costs, and the market supervision is strict, requiring companies to pay various testing costs.

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