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What are the misunderstandings that people often have when choosing a mattress

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-08-23
When choosing which one to choose, it should be viewed from the effect that this is the key to ensuring a good sleep. However, in the actual process, people often ignore these, which leads to the choice of a bad mattress. Some of the misunderstandings are related. Mattress selection misunderstanding: Misunderstanding 1: The harder the bed, the better is not a hard mattress. You must choose a mattress that suits you. Only a mattress with the right hardness can embrace the body curve tightly and provide enough for the body The support, get the relaxation of the whole body. Suggestion: When purchasing a mattress, you must consider the height, weight, and the types of different mattresses. According to the characteristics of different materials, find a mattress that fits your sleeping habits. Mattress selection misunderstanding 2: The mattresses are all the same. High-quality and comfortable sleeping bedding can indeed give you a healthy sleep. A good mattress should comprehensively refer to several elements: support, durability, breathability, and comfort , Fabrics, and the content of harmful substances. Recommendation: Judging from the current market prices, latex mattresses are relatively expensive, with good comfort, breathability, and inhibit the growth of bacteria and parasites; spring mattresses are relatively low in price, which is more in line with Asian and Europeans Sleep habits. In order to distinguish the comfort of the mattress, we can lie flat on the bed and reach under the waist with our hands. It may be difficult to reach in. The mattress may be too soft. On the contrary, if there is a large gap between the waist and the mattress, it may be hard. The reason for the mattress. You can also sit on the corner of the bed and stand up to see if the mattress quickly returns to its original shape.
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