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What are the feng shui characteristics of sofas in upholstered furniture? What are the taboos?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-04-30
The sofa in the upholstered furniture is a very important part of the family, but we also pay attention to the feng shui of the sofa. When designing the position of the sofa, we should also pay attention to these matters. Here are four points to share with you, hoping to help you increase your understanding ! (1) Beware of 'mirror evil'-the mirror is yin, so it is not suitable to shine on the body for a long time. Usually many girls love beauty and look in the mirror every day. In fact, the more you look into the mirror, the worse your luck, and the good luck that the mirror absorbs. If the sofa is facing a mirror, yin spirits often appear in the home, which is also called 'Jing Sha' in Feng Shui. (2) The number of double sets-the singular taboo of buying a sofa. The type and quality of sofas on the market are just a supporting factor. Whether it is leather or traditional, you must buy more than two sets of sofas. If it is a round sofa, it can be more refined in color or material. (3) Position the sofa well-if you put the sofa in the living room, it is recommended to choose the position of the feng shui throne, which is the so-called throne position of the home, mostly at the place where the door is inclined at a 45 degree angle. Make sure that the floor is clean. It can effectively promote the overall fortune of the family and bless the peace of life. If placed incorrectly, it may cause damage to family wealth. (4) Pay attention to the 'light evil'-it is not advisable to use dazzling lights at home, except in the living room. If you sit on the sofa and are directly exposed to the opposite light, your eyesight will be affected, and the long-term effects will cause problems such as amblyopia and myopia. It may also stimulate the brain nerves, cause family members to be nervous, have difficulty concentrating, often have hallucinations, restlessness, nightmares, ghost presses and other symptoms. This phenomenon is also called 'Guang Sha' in Feng Shui. Then the above four points are shared about the Feng Shui problem in upholstered furniture. If you can pay attention to these items in the design, I believe it will be of great help!
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