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What are the benefits of using bamboo charcoal mattresses

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-08-01
If the mattress is not well chosen and is not suitable for personal use, it will easily cause lumbar, neck and shoulder problems, as well as sleep quality degradation. Nowadays, many people use bamboo charcoal mattresses, which are mainly due to their moderate hardness, which is very helpful. For sleep, the benefits are more than that. Benefits of bamboo charcoal mattresses: 1. Hard mattress manufacturers introduce anti-oxidation, release far infrared rays and negative ions. The unique atomic structure of bamboo charcoal makes it excellent in oxidation resistance. It has a very good effect on the preservation of fruits and vegetables. Bamboo charcoal can also emit far-infrared rays and abundant negative ions with wavelengths that are easily absorbed by the human body. Long-term use also has significant effects on enhancing cell energy, increasing the body's oxygen content, improving the microcirculation system, promoting metabolism, and balancing the body's pH. 2. Mineralized water quality and soil improvement. Bamboo grows by absorbing calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium and other minerals in the soil. Once it is burned into bamboo charcoal, the minerals are concentrated about three times and are easily soluble in water. Therefore, putting bamboo charcoal into tap water can dissolve alkaline metal substances. Coupled with other characteristics of bamboo charcoal, it can increase the pH value of water and produce weakly alkaline mineral water containing natural minerals. In addition, because the PH value of bamboo charcoal is alkaline, it can neutralize the pH of the soil and enhance the vitality of the soil. At the same time, it is also a carrier of soil organisms and organic nutrients, containing various minerals required for crop growth, and is a good soil amendment. 3. Humidity adjustment, mildew-proof and insect-proof bamboo charcoal itself has a certain water content, and can release its own water or absorb water molecules in the air according to the difference in ambient humidity and temperature. It is not only suitable for hot flashes, but also in dry climates in the north. It can also create a suitable humidity for your room environment. 4. Hard mattress manufacturers introduce beauty and health care. Traditional Chinese medicine has used bamboo charcoal as medicine since ancient times to treat blood under intestinal wind, scrotal eczema, and scalds ('Chinese Medicine Dictionary'-'Compendium'). Soap made of bamboo charcoal also has the effects of skin whitening, prevention and treatment of skin diseases.
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