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Upholstered furniture is still the mainstream furniture category in the market!

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-03-20
In the upholstered furniture market, cost-effective modern style upholstered furniture is still the mainstream. In modern style furniture, simple or even simple design and texture come from nature's simplicity has become a trend. Even at the just-concluded Milan Furniture Fair, this point was vividly reflected-modern and simple design, sensibility and smart fashion aesthetics can all resonate. In a fashionable phrase, modern furniture is looking for the source of life in fashion.  Soft furniture is still very popular  According to the statistics of Milan Light Industry Information Center, the global consumption of upholstered furniture (sofas, mattresses) accounts for about 15% of the total furniture industry. At present, China, the United States, Poland, Germany and Italy are the world's five largest upholstered furniture producers, and China, the United States and Germany are the world's major consumers of upholstered furniture.   China's upholstered furniture market is a mature market with rapid development and huge potential. With the entry of more foreign products and the gradual growth of domestic brands, China's upholstered furniture market has entered a prosperous stage, but the competition is particularly fierce. At present, some heavyweight upholstered furniture brands such as Natuzzi and flexform in Italy, bullfrog in Germany, PBV holding and La-Z-Boy in the United States have begun to expand with advanced design concepts, high-quality products and rich sales experience. Global Market. This also forces domestic brands to increase brand awareness and reputation. Sleep brands such as Hong Kong Haima, Arran, Subo and Mousse, as well as home care, left and right furniture and Federal Mini integrate resources to design products and improve their brands.  New product trend:    keep up with fashion trends   Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to the quality of life. Upholstered furniture has gradually become a consumer trend due to its comfortable, beautiful, environmentally friendly, and durable advantages, and is increasingly sought after by consumers. For example, Blanca’s fashion culture, CBD color culture, round shape culture, and Bauhaus’s modern minimalist culture all satisfy consumers’ pursuit of fashion psychology to varying degrees.  Especially the sofa, with colorful colors, elegant shapes, and easily add some embellishments to change the style of the room, not only can show the personality of the owner, give the room a warm and fashionable style, but also show the unique charm of the home. So the above is the interpretation of all the content brought to you by our software furniture manufacturers!
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