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Tips for checking air leaks in an inflatable mattress

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-08-31
Many travellers usually bring an air mattress, which is more convenient and more comfortable to lie on. However, due to its special material, holes may appear, which will affect normal use. Sometimes it is relatively small and difficult to find, so you need to know some skills. 1. The manufacturer of hard mattresses introduces air leakage in air mattresses. It is important to know that all air mattresses will naturally lose air. Before you decide to look for holes and peel off the cover of the mattress, know that no inflatable mattress can hold air indefinitely. No matter whether it leaks or not, you naturally have to re-inflate. 2. The air mattress is fully inflated to test for water leakage. If it is severely deflated after a few minutes, then you may have a leak. After sitting on the mattress, after blowing, it should not sink more than 1 to 2 inches under your weight. 3. Check whether the valve is kept in the air. Put your hand on the valve and feel any escaping air. It is usually located next to the air pump and looks like a plug. You can quickly deflate the mattress. Unfortunately, the valve is part of the mattress and is difficult to repair at home. 4. Hard mattress manufacturers recommend to put the mattress aside and put it in a large quiet room to check for leaks. Leaks generally occur on the bottom of the mattress, after accidentally putting things out. Make sure the bed is fully inflated, then put the mattress aside and check the bottom. You need enough space to flip and move the mattress so that you can easily find holes.
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