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The structure of Foshan spring mattress

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-04-05
Everyone is familiar with Foshan spring mattresses. Spring mattress is a more popular modern mattress, which is mainly composed of bed nets (springs), fillers, and fabrics. 1. Bed net layer: A good bed net determines the quality of the spring mattress. The quality of a bed net is determined by factors such as the coverage rate of the spring, the texture of the steel, and the core diameter and caliber of the spring. There are generally several kinds of Foshan spring mattress bed nets on the market: independent springs, connecting springs, and first-line steel springs. Among them, the Foshan spring mattress is preferably an independent spring. Lying on it will not make noise when turning over. It can withstand the strength of all parts of the body evenly. The neck and waist of the body are attached to the mattress, and there will be no blood loss due to excessive pressure. Circulation causes body numbness. This kind of spring also has zones, three zones, five zones, seven zones, etc. The higher the level, the more expensive it is. Although the two springs of connection type and first-line steel are not as silent and partitioned as the independent type, these two are also common bed nets on the market, with good support and good spring. 2. Filling: In order to make the Foshan spring mattress more comfortable and durable, the filling of the spring mattress generally includes hard cotton, environmentally friendly cotton, sponge, knitted cotton, etc., and some add a layer of a few cm of latex . 3. Fabric layer: Many spring mattresses are mainly made of pure cotton, and some use 3D breathable fabrics and fireproof fabrics. Because the fabric layer indirectly touches our skin, it is very important for people to choose healthy Foshan spring mattress fabrics.
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