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The quality of the mattress wholesale mattress helps you to judge the soft or hard mattress of your child

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-09-12
First of all, the first point of mattress elasticity test: Here, the Foshan mattress editor will teach you how to judge whether the mattress is elastic enough. You can first test the bed surface with your knees, or sit down at the corner of the bed and observe whether the mattress is fast A mattress with good elasticity will return to its original state immediately. The second point is that most of the mattress material is latex mattress. Latex mattresses can meet the needs of many people. The excellent support of this mattress can adapt to the fancy sleeping position of sleepers. And there is no sound, which can improve the quality of sleep. Finally, the third point is that when you finally buy a mattress, it is not enough to feel it with your hands. The best way is to lie down and flip it left and right. A good mattress will never have unevenness. A phenomenon in which the edge sinks or the lining moves. The editor of Foshan mattress reminds that when you lie on the mattress and try to sleep, a good mattress can keep your spine stretched naturally and fit your shoulders, waist, and hips to the mattress. The mattress experts teach you Judge the quality of the mattress without leaving the slightest gap. More concerned: Foshan mattress editor tells everyone that a mattress with good support is more helpful for children to sleep, and it also prevents spinal deformation, and does not press the strings too deeply, nor too shallowly, and the softness is appropriate. . According to the hardness level, the latex pad is too soft and it is inconvenient to turn over; the sponge is soft and easy to deform; and the softness of the spring mattress is not fixed and it is difficult to adapt; the coconut palm pad is the hardest and may be uncomfortable. The mattress wholesale editor recommends that children's mattresses follow the four principles of comfort, support, fit and correction. A hard bed will cause the lumbosacral curvature to disappear, and the kind of mattress that is very soft and has no high-quality induction spring system will cause children to become obese or have a hunched back. Now the editor of Foshan Mattress will show you how to choose a children’s mattress for popular science. The best children’s mattress should choose a non-toxic and comfortable layer, plus a good quality spring and a stable bed frame. The three are all in one. Mattress. The comfort layer can be selected according to the child's body feeling, and the mattress suitable for each person is different (preferably customized); the spring is best to use foreign patents, and the spring technology comes from abroad. The quality is relatively better) The biggest difference between children's mattresses and adult mattresses is the expert on which is the best replacement cycle for the children's mattresses. Foshan mattress professionals recommend that children's mattresses be replaced every 3-5 years. Okay, about 'whether a child's mattress is soft or hard, Of course, you can also consult our customer service online!
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