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The main types of hotel mattresses

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-02-04
With the continuous improvement of material civilization and technical craftsmanship, the types of hotel mattresses we currently use are gradually becoming diversified, mainly including spring mattresses, palm mattresses, latex mattresses, water mattresses, Air mattresses, magnetic mattresses, etc., among these mattresses, spring mattresses account for a larger proportion. 1. Stretch spring mattresses are currently relatively common mattresses with relatively high-quality functions. The inner core of such mattresses is composed of stretch springs. The cushion has the advantages of good elasticity, better support, strong air permeability, and durability. 2. Palm mattresses are made of palm fiber. Generally, the texture of this type of mattress is relatively hard, and there are some cases where it is slightly harder. The price of the mattress is relatively low. It has a natural palm smell when used. The performance of the service life is relatively poor. It is easy to fall and deform, and the nature of the burden is relatively poor. If it is not well maintained in the later period, it will be moth-eaten or moldy. 3. Latex mattresses are divided into general latex and natural latex. The latex that is composed is petroleum-derived and lacks elasticity and ventilation. Natural latex is derived from rubber trees. Natural latex will give off a relatively fragrant taste, which is closer to natural, soft, quiet, and breathable, and the oak protein material in the latex can resist the latent existence of some germs and some of our allergens. But the cost is high. 4. Modern palm mattress: It is mainly made of natural mountain palm and coconut palm, and then made by improving the adhesive of the glue, which has the characteristics of environmental protection. Their distinguishing characteristics are: the toughness of the mountain palm is better, but the supporting capacity is not enough, and the coconut palm has better bearing capacity, but it is harder.
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