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The fat person chooses a harder mattress

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-08-26
The quality of the mattress is directly related to the quality of sleep. The mattresses on the market look almost the same, and often under the banner of 'new technology' and 'black technologyOne is to 'see' with eyes. A good quality mattress will certainly not be flawed in appearance. You can see whether the mattress is even in thickness, whether the surroundings are straight and flat, whether the cushion surface is evenly covered, whether the fabric is printed and dyed evenly, whether the sewing needle thread has any defects such as broken threads, skipped stitches, and floating threads. Qualified mattresses have the product name, registered trademark, manufacturing company name, factory address, contact phone number on the label, and some also have a certificate of conformity and a credit card. If not, they are basically fake and shoddy products. The second is to 'press' hard. Test the pressure of the mattress with your hands, it should feel moderately soft and hard, and have a certain degree of resilience. This is to check whether the pressure capacity of the mattress is balanced and whether the internal filling is uniform. If there is a dent or unevenness, it means that the spring steel wire of the mattress is of poor quality. The third is to 'listen' with ears. Pat the mattress with your hand and listen to the sound of the spring. If the sound of the spring is uniform, the elasticity of the spring is better, and the force is more even during sleep. If you make a 'creak' sound, it means that the spring is not only poor in elasticity, but may also be rusty or inferior. The fourth is to 'check' by hand. Some mattresses have mesh openings or zipper devices around the edges, which can be opened directly to check whether the internal springs are rusty, especially the addition of auxiliary materials. This step of inspection is very necessary to prevent the purchase of black cotton mattresses. The fifth is to 'smell' with the nose. When buying a mattress, use your nose to smell the pungent chemical odor. A good quality mattress exudes the fresh smell of natural textiles. Zhu Zexing said that not only should the quality of the mattress be good, but also the one that suits you. This requires three points. 1. According to age level. When purchasing a mattress, you must fully consider the age of the user, and different age groups have different requirements for the mattress. For example, the elasticity of the muscles and ligaments of the elderly has decreased, which is more suitable for sleeping on a hard mattress. A bed that is too soft cannot support the spine and it is difficult to get up. Adults with poor spine are also suitable for a slightly harder mattress. It is recommended to choose a firm and flexible medium-soft mattress for infants and young children. Healthy adults can choose according to their personal preferences. If they are comfortable, they can be softer. 2. According to sleep habits. Everyone's sleeping habits are different, and they have different requirements for the softness and elasticity of the mattress. Those who like to lie on the side should keep the spine straight and sink their shoulders and hips deeply. It is recommended to choose a partitioned mattress. This kind of mattress uses springs of different thicknesses to form different degrees of depression according to different stressed areas such as the head, neck, shoulders, waist, and vertebral tail. People who often sleep on their backs or on their stomachs should choose a harder mattress. Because when lying on the back or prone, the neck and waist need the support of a hard mattress to achieve a comfortable state. 3. According to body type characteristics. Generally speaking, lighter weights are suitable for sleeping on softer beds. Mattresses that are too hard cannot support all body parts in a balanced manner; fatter ones are suitable for sleeping on harder beds.
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