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The difference between good and poor quality memory foam mattresses

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-07-28
The unique open cell structure of viscoelastic foam can slow down vibrations and absorb movement, which is why when you lie down quickly or throw yourself on the mattress, it responds like a stiff child. This hardness is the memory foam. The way it reacts on impact does not necessarily mean a hard mattress. The increased hardness of the memory foam mattress may also come from the cooler environment it preserves. When you lie down for the first time, it looks firm, but after a few minutes of physical contact, it will soften and flow your body without letting you sink too far. The mattress becomes softer at the top, but deeper and cooler there, and the mattress is firm and supportive. Please note that higher-density viscoelastic foams tend to capture more heat than lower-density foams. Some manufacturers try to minimize heat-related issues by burying viscous mattresses under pillows or in heavier fillings The complaint, which means that it cannot respond well to body temperature because it is now insulated from the body. The result is that a harder mattress will not easily or even soften at body temperature. Therefore, you are missing a benefit that can really justify the price of high-viscosity foam.
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