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The choice of mattress directly affects the quality of sleep

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-01-09
Sleep is something a person must do every day. The quality of sleep is related to people's health problems. As far as the body is concerned, a comfortable mattress is very good for your sleep, and the quality of the mattress affects the quality of people's sleep. The editor below will show you how to choose a mattress so that we can sleep more comfortably together? The mattress that people usually sleep on is not too soft or too hard. If the mattress is solid, it will not be able to set off all the body reasonably, resulting in only a lot of prominent positions to support. That result will cause one is very uncomfortable. , Can not reasonably eliminate fatigue; second, it will cause spine deformation; third, the support position is too heavy, which is harmful to the blood circulatory system; therefore, when you wake up the other day, the whole body will suffer from backaches and back pains. When the mattress is too soft, people feel trapped in the mattress, causing the mattress to squeeze the body, and it is not good for the heat pipe of the body to dissipate heat. In addition, because the net weight of the body is uneven, the net weight of the waist and abdomen is larger. It will cause the waist and abdomen to sink down; on the one hand, it will cause the spine to deform, and on the other hand, it will squeeze the internal organs. Especially for the elderly with relatively loose bone hyperplasia and children who have grown, the deformation and extrusion of the spine is more harmful to physical and mental health. Therefore, whether it is too soft or a solid mattress, it is not only uncomfortable to sleep, but also very bad for the body. There are two criteria for choosing a good mattress. One is to maintain a vertical extension of the spine regardless of the sleeping posture. The second is that people lying on the upper side of the gas pressure is equal, and the whole body can get enough pressure to release, and these two days are completely indispensable for the support of the following raw materials: fabric + comfort layer + support point layer u003d a good sleep bed In this material, the comfort layer immediately determines the comfort of the mattress. 1. Comfortable layer The most popular raw materials for the comfortable layer at this stage are: sponge, latex, memory foam, etc. Latex: Latex is a relatively fashionable raw material for the comfort layer in recent years. Natural latex mattresses are made of natural latex, and the 'adhesion' is used during the production process. If the mattress turns yellow, there is too much glue. In addition, the natural latex has a built-in distinctive protein fragrance. The smell of organic chemistry is not a good mattress. Sponge mattress: The mattress is too soft and the support point is insufficient when sleeping on it, which makes the psoas muscles excessively tense. Long-term use will endanger the physical and mental health of the abdomen, and it is very easy to cause the spine to bend. In addition, its air permeability is not very good, it is very easy to deform, and it is not easy to dissipate heat from the heat pipe. It is good in winter, and the heat is not easy to dissipate in summer. It is very easy for everyone to rest on it. During sleep, waste and water vapor caused by basal metabolism will continue to be discharged according to the skin. The mattress has a poor ventilation effect. This waste cannot be released immediately, which is harmful to health. Memory foam: The raw material of this mattress is an open viscous somatic cell material. The human eye looks flat, and the surface is very soft and malleable when it touches it. Press it firmly and gently, and it takes 3 to 5 seconds to restore the original appearance. It has the characteristics of slow rebound, so it can be adjusted according to the person's posture, and it can better cater to the body curve and sleep more comfortably. Most people sleep on a memory foam mattress. The mattress has no recoil on the body, so it can very well remove the working pressure of the body and completely release the pressure on the neck and abdomen. Although the memory foam is very good, there is a significant defect that it is warm and reasonable. Some friends will not understand it. Here is an explanation: the temperature sensitivity means that the mattress becomes loose or hard due to the height of the room temperature. , In case of soft and hard), but with the improvement of technology, there are still many unique memory foams on the market that will not be affected by this reason after improvement.
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