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by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-03-21
Judging from the variety, height and price of mattresses in the current market, there are more than a dozen options for casual matching. Let alone buying mattresses on Taobao, but before buying mattresses, you may wish to understand your sleeping habits and cervical spine. The problem, as long as you can buy a mattress that is more suitable for you. Let's introduce to you from our upholstered furniture manufacturer! The cushion itself should also consider its breathability, support, durability and other properties. The available mattresses on the market that combine the above three points are 'palm mattress'<'sponge mattress'<'spring mattress'. Palm mattress Palm mattress is divided into mountain brown mattress and palm mattress. As the name suggests, the mountain palm mattress is made of palm tree fiber, and the coconut skin mattress is made of coconut fiber. Due to the characteristics of the material, it is dry and breathable, but generally does not absorb water and has little elasticity. Simply put, it is too hard and not suitable for use in damp places. It is not recommended for office workers. I will not say more. Sponge mats are relatively cheap. It can be said that they are rented first and then bought. However, if the air permeability is poor, the place where you live is poorly ventilated, and water vapor may be generated. Commonly sold foam mattresses are actually sponge mattresses. Its material is memory foam, which can evenly disperse the pressure of the human body. Although all foam mattresses have the same problem, they will lose their soft support after long-term use. If you still have a sore back after sleeping, it is estimated that the supporting effect of the mattress is not enough, indicating that you have to change the bed. Spring mattresses have good air permeability, comfort and durability, and are the most used spring mattresses on the market. But before buying a spring mattress, please pay attention to whether there is a separate package inside the spring. So the above is about the selection of soft furniture mattresses. I hope you can pay more attention to it and believe that you can find a satisfactory product!
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