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The advantages of smart mattresses are amazing

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-07-28
Nowadays, our lives are more intelligent, which is really more and more convenient. For example, this mattress has a lot to do with people’s sleep. If you can’t choose a good one, it will affect your health. With the development of technology, smart Mattresses continue to enter every family, this is mainly its outstanding advantages. Advantages of smart mattresses: Hard mattress manufacturers introduce lumbar and cervical spine care: Through uniform and strong push, pull and care, the waist and neck muscles can be relaxed instantly, so that the lumbar and cervical spine gap is widened to generate negative pressure, which is beneficial to the nutrient absorption of the intervertebral disc and restores the lumbar and cervical spine The normal physiological gap between them guides the circulation of qi and blood, and effectively corrects lumbar and cervical spine diseases. This can enhance the wear resistance of soft tissues for a long time. Enhance oxygen supply to the brain, prevent hunchback, and correct posture. Abdominal care: Enhance gastrointestinal peristalsis to improve constipation, indigestion, gentle massage, strengthen blood circulation in the stomach, after massage, it can quickly reduce abdominal distension and reduce indigestion. Promote detoxification: Exhaust dirt, urine and gas out of the body in time. Lung care: The effective ventilation of the lack of exercise is hindered, and the secretions of the respiratory tract cannot be discharged in time. Through the back massage, it has the effect of expanding the chest; increasing lung capacity and assisting in expectoration. Improve blood circulation: Massage will fully improve the blood circulation accumulated in the lower extremities, make blood return faster, reduce venous pressure, and reduce varicose veins. The external force accelerates blood circulation and significantly improves microcirculation. Hard mattress manufacturers introduced that some smart mattress systems can monitor the user’s sleep data and generate sleep history reports that can provide doctors with a reference report on the user’s long-term physical state, making it easier to put forward corresponding sleep recommendations and adjust the user’s sleep health. Even good health.
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