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Tell in detail what are the ways to remove the smell of the mattress

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-08-08
Since new mattresses are usually packaged and shipped after they are made, the smell begins to dissipate after they are received, and the bed is close to the human body. It is normal to have a smell. Many people don't like it, so you can solve this by learning some skills. problem. How to remove the smell of the mattress: 1. Ventilate to remove the smell. Manufacturers of hard mattresses have introduced that for newly-purchased mattresses, the plastic protective film on the outer layer of the mattress can be removed first and placed outside to ventilate the odor. This method is suitable for mattresses that do not smell very pungent. In the mattress manufacturing process, the smell of the processing technology is normal. It only needs to be stored for about a month before the smell will disappear naturally. 2. Bamboo charcoal absorbs the taste. Many families will choose bamboo charcoal to absorb formaldehyde and odors. Bamboo charcoal has super adsorption capacity and the function of radiating far-infrared rays, which can absorb moisture, peculiar smell and harmful gases, and keep the indoor air fresh and the bed dry. 3. Method to remove the smell of the mattress: activated carbon to absorb the smell. Placing activated carbon indoors to absorb mattress odor and formaldehyde is also a more reliable method. The physical adsorption capacity of activated carbon is relatively strong, and the peculiar smell of the mattress will be reduced after about a month. 4. Place green plants. Some green plants not only have a better decorative effect, but also can absorb harmful substances such as formaldehyde and stupid. Such green plants are also a relatively good way to adsorb formaldehyde, which is economical. 5. Hard mattress manufacturers introduced pineapple to remove the smell of leather beds. Put a cut pineapple on the bedside table in the bedroom to absorb the odor of the leather bed and make the bedroom permeated with a light fruity fragrance. Use tea leaves to remove the smell of the skin bed.
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