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Teach you how to remove mattress bugs

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-08-30
Sometimes you will find black spots on the mattress. This is actually the feces from bed bugs. The mild ones can be washed with cold water. In severe cases, some oxidizers are needed to solve the actual needs. Of course, it is important to take some measures Completely remove. 1. Manufacturers of hard mattresses introduce the nesting areas of bed bugs. If you don't get rid of bed bugs, stains will continue to bother you. Look for bed bugs in your bed, as well as bedside tables, dressing table drawers, and furniture and curtains behind. Flashlights can help you find them, and their eggs are clearer. Bed bugs like to hide in corners and cracks, as well as recessed areas. Carpets, clothing, fabrics and other items are also very popular with bed bugs. 2. The mattress must be washed when the temperature is 50°C. This can kill the bed bugs. Before the bed bugs are completely removed, these can be bought at a convenient grocery store. In severe cases, chemical treatment or removal of bed bugs may be required. ^Service. 3. Spots can be found immediately with cold water. Blood stains, bed bug feces and stains all have one thing in common. They are all organic, and cold water can show organic matter. 4. Hot spot monitoring and prevention. Bed bugs tend to gather in a certain area, so pay attention to the infestation in these places, and put some small reagents, so that they can be found in time for quick removal. 5. Hard mattress manufacturers introduce detergent enzymes. Spray the detergent directly and check the label of the detergent to confirm that you should allow the cleaning time. Before washing, most recommend waiting no more than 30 minutes. This detergent is available in most retailers and groceries. Store bought.
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