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by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-04-02
Most people often have a wrong understanding of spring mattresses, believing that 'soft' means comfort, or that the elderly should sleep on a 'harder' bed. A mattress that is too soft, although it is comfortable to sleep, may fall off easily, making it difficult to turn over. A mattress that is too hard can not properly support various parts of the body, and on the contrary, it will cause more serious chronic damage to the spine. The first is to understand whether the main structure of the mattress conforms to human mechanics and whether it can provide adequate support for the human body. When lying on it, it can maintain a most natural and comfortable state without any pressure or reluctance. Second, test the elasticity of the mattress. Because the human spine is not a straight line, but an s-shape, it needs proper stiffness support and a spring mattress with excellent elasticity to get a comfortable sleep. Third, consider the size of the mattress. When purchasing a mattress, add 20 cm to your height as the best size, so as to leave room for the head, hands and feet to stretch. Fourth, because everyone has different requirements for the soft and hard elasticity of the mattress, especially the elderly need to pay special attention to their sleeping habits. A mattress that is too soft is easy to collapse and it is difficult to get up. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a mattress with a higher hardness. Fifth, choose well-known brands that are reliable and have a good reputation. Don't blindly believe in imported mattresses, but look at the manufacturer's product quality assurance certificate. Sixth, relax and try to lie down and flip in various postures, feel the contact and support of the mattress on various parts of the body, and feel the touch and softness of the mattress when you try to lie down. In the first year of purchase, the new mattress should be flipped up and down every two to three months, left and right, or head and foot to make the spring of the mattress evenly stressed, and then flip it once every six months. There are only those types of mattresses on the market in thickness and size. When you choose the thickness, refer to whether the height of the bed is in line with yours. It is the best!
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