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Talk about which is better, coconut palm mattress and latex mattress

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-05-28

   I don’t know if everyone’s lives are latex mattresses or coconut palm mattresses? In recent years, as everyone’s living standards have greatly improved, the requirements for mattresses have also increased, but we are When buying a mattress, because there are too many opinions, it is difficult to tell which one is good for a coconut palm mattress or a latex mattress. Today, I will compare and summarize several aspects for you.

   Which is better, coconut palm mattress or latex mattress? First of all, let’s compare the materials. Both materials are natural and both have the advantage of environmental protection and harmlessness. . Latex mattress refers to the rubber sap collected from the rubber tree, and then processed into it. It has many advantages, the most important is that it is environmentally friendly and harmless. Even if the old mattress is discarded in the nature, it does not matter, it can Decompose by itself in nature. Secondly, from the perspective of function, which is better, coconut palm mattress or latex mattress, the natural rubber juice of the raw material of latex mattress can play the role of antibacterial and anti-mite. According to relevant research, pure natural latex mattress with more than 90% content is good The inhibitory effect of Escherichia coli can reach more than 90%, and the repellent effect of mites can reach 55%. Another advantage is that it has good resilience, can effectively fit the human body curve, and there are thousands of micropores inside the latex mattress, which is excellent in air permeability and heat dissipation. One disadvantage of being good in all aspects is that it is expensive.

  Coconut palm mattress refers to a mattress made of coconut shell outer fiber as raw material. The same is a green product, the material is coconut silk, which is processed by hand and machine Become. From the functional point of view, which is better, coconut palm mattress or latex mattress, the material of coconut palm mattress is slightly harder than latex mattress. This material is especially suitable for the elderly and young people, and has better bone development. enhancement. The contact surface of the mattress and the human body is evenly stressed, which has a better preventive and alleviating effect on some diseases such as low back pain. However, since the raw material of the coconut palm mattress is coconut shreds and the coconut shell fiber is sugary, sweet things are more insects. If they are damp, they are more likely to grow insects. At the same time, they are also prone to mold. Mold affects the use, so if you want to ask which one is better, the latex mattress is better. After comparing the three aspects, it is not difficult for us to find that whether it is a coconut palm mattress or a latex mattress, each has its own advantages. If you have to compare it, you have to look at your specific needs, which are of different people. Need to look at the issue of which one is better between coconut palm mattress and latex mattress.

   Finally, putting aside the concerns about which coconut palm mattress or latex mattress is good, we should also consider the brand of the mattress. Here I recommend a trustworthy one for everyone The brand mousse, mousse has been working hard in the home furnishing field for nearly two decades, and the quality is guaranteed. If you want to choose a comfortable and safe mattress, you might as well visit mousse. Related recommendation: Which one is better, coconut palm mattress or latex mattress?

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