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Suiforlun Home Furnishings teaches you how to choose a mattress

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-03-05
The choice of mattress is crucial, because the quality of the mattress directly affects your sleep quality and mental state the next day. In terms of material classification, the types of mattresses are also diverse, and many people also reflect that they are picky when buying. As soon as possible there are many mattress materials, but only the ones that suit you are good mattresses. The following Suiforlun Home Furnishings will teach you how to choose a mattress. 1. What kind of mattress is good to sleep on? What kind of mattress is good for a child to sleep on? A child is in an important age group for physical development, and sleep is the main time period for the child’s physical development, so choose a good mattress for your child It is very necessary. Children in the developmental stage should not sleep on soft mattresses, otherwise it is difficult for the spine to maintain a natural physiological curve and the phenomenon of side curvature will affect the normal development of the child’s spine and sleep on a soft bed. It will cause the child's sleep quality to be significantly reduced, and it will adversely affect the child's physical development in the long term. Therefore, a mattress that is too soft is not suitable for children. What kind of mattress is suitable for young people to sleep on? Nowadays young people are under greater pressure in life and work, so their sleeping conditions are not guaranteed. A good mattress can promote sleep quality. Because the human spine is a natural 'S' shape, and low-quality mattresses will bend the spine, and the pressure of the intervertebral discs will not be well relaxed. This also causes many young people today to easily get cervical spondylosis and other diseases, so for For young people, it is recommended to buy latex or palm mattresses. These types of mattresses can effectively help adjust these cervical spine diseases. People with light weight should sleep in softer beds, and people with heavier weight should sleep harder. Soft and hard are actually relative. A mattress that is too hard cannot support all parts of the body in a balanced manner. The supporting points will only be concentrated on the heavier parts of the body, such as the shoulders and buttocks. Due to the extreme pressure on these parts, the blood circulation is poor and it is difficult to sleep. Conversely, if the mattress is too soft, the spine cannot be kept straight due to insufficient support, and the back muscles will not be able to fully relax and rest during the entire sleep process. For a long time, it will be too heavy on the body. 2. How to choose a mattress. When we buy a bed, we have to consider its size. Of course, a large bed is comfortable, but we must also consider the size of the bedroom and the price of the mattress. Therefore, the size of the bed is about one's own height. Adding about 20 cm is more appropriate, so that there is plenty of room for the head and feet. Sleeping that is too narrow and too crowded will be particularly uncomfortable. How to choose a mattress? Only those who have really tried it will know if it is suitable for you. Buying a mattress is very similar to buying clothes. You need to experience it yourself before you know if it is suitable. Just press it with your hand or do it, you can’t really understand whether the mattress is good or not. Just lie on it for a few minutes and you will get a real feeling. Lie on and feel whether the hardness of the mattress is within your acceptable range. within. Nowadays, many mattress manufacturers suggest that customers experience it in person. After all, the mattress selected will be used for several years, so it is better to be more cautious. The mattresses we use every day actually have a lot of doorways inside, so don’t underestimate the choice of mattresses. What mattress to sleep on needs to be selected according to people of different ages. Children, adults, and the elderly use different mattresses. There are many details that need to be paid attention to in the process of choosing a mattress. Of course, it is better to lie down and experience the suitability for yourself.
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